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A 22 year old creative soul with photography as main expression medium. I take pictures of almost everything; arranged aswell as spontaneous snapshots. Borderlining conceptual art.

  • Instax Mini 8, 2016, Emma Karlsmark Elfstrand
    Instax Mini 8, 2016, Emma Karlsmark Elfstrand
    Instax Mini 8, 2016, Emma Karlsmark Elfstrand

    No-face (カオナシ kaonashi lit. “faceless”) and Martin at a birthday party

    Group photo with Kong Fu Girl Riesling. Smell of honeydew, white flowers, pear and lime.

    Classy babe Julia with David's inprobable facial profile at Plan B.

    Men with shoulder length hair in front of car.

    Accidental Gin and Tonic ten minutes after the end of the international day of GT.

    After a Swedish/Italian/French three-course meal at home.

    We had red eyeshadow and no brows and gold with prominent brows.

    Black, white and beigie.

    Moa and Robin's ghost face.


    Sun gazing.

    Tilda dancing with daisies.

    David waiting for his soup at Ramen To Bíiru.

    Recording a bathing pigeon.



    Love, Emma Karlsmark ...
  • Dubbel Dubbel Malmö, Coctails, 2016, Emma Karlsmark Elfstrand

    I know what you've been thinking; what has she been up to lately? Well, for one thing I have been taking pictures of coctails and drinks at the dimsum reataurant Dubbel Dubbel in Malmö. For exemple an amaretto sour with yuzu (japanese lemon), simple syrup, apple juice from Kivik and bitter and a spritser on japanese umeshu on ice with soda water.


    Love, Emma Karlsmark ...


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