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A 22 year old creative soul with photography as main expression medium. I take pictures of almost everything; arranged aswell as spontaneous snapshots. Borderlining conceptual art.

  • This is my first entry as a blogger on ODALISQUE, so I guess some sort of presentation is expected of me.
    I always find it hard to talk about myself; to describe my qualities and interests is a challenge. In retrospect, it always feels like I’ve forgotten some of the most crucial parts of my personality. So I’ll keep it short, you’ll get to know me eventually if you follow this blog. We’ll take it one step at a time.

    Anyway, I’m just another Twenty-Something Girl that is trying to get in to the media industry. I want to do everything, try everything, at least once.
    But most of all I want to make it as a photographer. I haven’t really decided what “making it” means when it comes to me, but hopefully will this blog help me to figure that out. I’ll fill it with stills from my life, attempts at art, things and clothes I’ve found and updates on my projects.

    The best way to introduce you to my photography, I guess, is to post some examples:
    1. A confusing snapshot from a night out.
    2. Outtake from one of my first conceptual series.
    3. Some sort of semi-abstract shit.
    4. A portrait of a friend.


    Love, Emma Karlsmark ...


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