• I just had to take some pictures of Vesper and her christmas gift. I found the brand Noodoll on Instagram and they make the cutest little monsters. This one is called Ricepuffy. You can check out more Noodolls here www.noodoll.com. There's a possibility that we might have a Noodoll collector on our hands, can't wait for baby's first birthday :) (I know it's faaaaaar away, but still).

    As you can see Vesper has learned a new skill; lying on her tummy. We've been practicing but nowadays she seems to think it's a bit fun which she did not in the beginning. So weird babies had to sleep on their tummies during the 70s. I know there's a lot of people who like sleeping on their bellies but I just find it strange. And especially strange for infants who can't move their body parts, their faces must have been smooched. Great for us (especially for Vesper who's a baby) things do change and newborns are now allowed and even recommended to sleep on their backs. Vesper is wearing a body from Åhlens and trousers from H&M both are all organic. The sheepskin is also organic imported from Gotland.

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • Got myself some new sneakers for spring. I’ve been needing a pair for quite some time but I didn’t dare to buy any while I was pregnant because a lot of women get bigger feet and they don’t change back after giving birth. But luckily for me, my feet are all the same as before. These sneakers are great because they’re laceless which is a big + when you have a little baby and no time to tie you’re shoes or no arms to tie your shoes (because you’re holding a mini version of yourself). And they were on sale 60% which is perfect for the wallet if you’re on parent leave. I now understand why all parents in Sweden wear curling boots or jodhpurs during winter, it’s to much work trying to tie your Dr. Martens while carrying a small child.
    Let’s hope spring arrives soon <3

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • Vesper got this lovely mug from auntie S and her family. It comes in pink as well, but baby likes black. Can be found at Svenssons i Lammhult. She doesn't drink anything but milk yet but at 4 months they say you can start introducing small portions of purees. I have no idea when babies start drinking water? Will have to look in to that.
    We went to our first session of mama/baby yoga at Yogayama today. I'm a bit surprised how good it was. It's always a lot of fun seeing other babies in the same age span but you know what? We actually did yoga too. Yogayama is located on Jungfrugatan in Östermalm and baby V and I took at walk both there and back (we live in Hornstull) so we definitely got our exercise today. What was also fun is that I recognized some of the moms that was in my pregnancy yoga class and it's the same teacher so it all felt familiar. Vesper loved it too. There were some exercises when we held the baby, while squatting and going up and down, baby was laughing the whole time :)

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    Love, Michaela Widergren


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