• Bought this dress for new years eve, didn't arrive in time though... But, it'll be nice for the summer :)
    Baby V is now 3,5 months old and weights a little bit over 5 kilos. Time flies, I can tell you that. I think the most exciting about staying at home with your baby must be seeing all of the new skills she's mastering. It's really mesmerizing seeing something happen for the first time. Like laughter, grabbing a toy or making a brand new sound. At the moment Vesper's exploring some kind of kitten vs. dragon sound. She's really hitting those high notes.
    Tomorrow we're going to try mama/baby yoga for the first time, will let you know how it goes.
    I'm wearing Zara and baby's wearing Petite Sofie Schnoor.

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • Monsterism, Woodland volume 3
    Monsterism, Woodland volume 3
    Monsterism, Woodland volume 3

    I have a small collection of figures that I've gathered from my time living in Barcelona and from my travels to New York. It must be almost 10 years since I started buying them and I would like to get some more but haven't found any in Stockholm. And I can't find them online either... Strange right? The little monsters have been through a lot as you might see on the horse (which if I remember correctly is called Snorse). In lack of other toys I let my nephews and nieces play with them so they're a bit beaten and some parts are missing. Maybe they don't make them anymore... If you know were to get them, let me know.

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • Baby Vesper is now three months old and the calmness that I've been waiting for has finally arrived. She is no longer a scream machine. The first couple of weeks was tough, much tougher than I'd thought. Baby would cry all the time and nothing would help to make her happy again. I guess it takes a while to get to know each other. I finally feel like I can read her properly and I think she has gotten used to living outside the womb. I mean it must be kind of traumatizing being born, right?
    We've had a hectic week, Vesper and I. Hanging with her friend Jade (and her mom Sanna), her cousins, auntie, grandma and so on so today we're staying in doing nothing. We also took a trip to visit Pari (beauty editor here at OD.M) and she is still waiting for her baby to arrive. We wish her all the best and that she doesn't have to wait much longer. Vesper is eager to meet her new buddy Baby Damani.
    I also must add that I love being a mom, love, love, love!
    Vesper is wearing Polarn o Pyret and I'm all in Adidas, like proper "Fredagsmyspeeps".

    Love, Michaela Widergren


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