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  • And so the rain is back. My morning started of at Bruno. Jonas and I began the day with a visit to the new pop-up store by Triwa. They gave us some awesome sunnies that I will show you later on. Afterwards we had Albert and Jack’s breakfast at A World Beneath. We met up with Meghan and looked at the tiniest shiny pink Dr. Marten boots that would suit her baby Frida perfectly (we think, since she’s not born yet). The day carried on with a trip to danish Agency V’s temporary showroom, a meeting at the Boqueria and a stop at Cheap Monday’s headquarters. My favorite items from this last press day would be the Babar sweaters from Soulland, I’ve been a Babar fan as long as I can remember, hats off to Soulland designer Silas Adler.
    My evening continued with the play “Hjälp sökes” and indian dinner with my dear mom.

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • Today was much more awesome than yesterday since it was a sunny day. We started off with breakfast at Ibeyo Studio, I really like their space, it’s an old garage or something and they just had their door painted nicely. Afterwards we headed by JUS to take a closer look at the BLK Denim stuff, Johan has been delivering as usual.
    Best of today must be the dog Ester at Thomas Hägg PR, Aimee and Ester became close friends. I also really like the Jeremy Scott for Adidas collection that I saw at Jung Relations… cool prints.
    And to top it off we had some sparkling wine with sorbet ice cream at the launch of a new perfume scent from L’Occitane :)

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • Today was press day. I had to be at the University during the morning but I met up with Meghan, Jonas, Marie and Amiee around 13.00 at Scandinavian Press Room. I really like the jewelry by Bjørg and I must say that, that girl Maria Nordström is doing some crazy/cool stuff. They gave us Brillo pizza at SPR which was much appreciated since I was starving. I L O V E the new stuff by Minimarket. Awesome fabrics and colors, only greatness comes when sisters work together :) I also got a pair of purple Happy plugs from Patriksson Communication to mach my hair, thank you C!

    Love, Michaela Widergren



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