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  • Thursday is exhibition day. Sandra, Anna and I went to the exhibition Fire Sale by artist Alistair Frost at Bukowskis. I actually did an interview with him the day before that you will be able to read in about a week here at Odalisque. He’s a super nice guy, we had a good chat. They served pink vodka at the party matching my new hair color… :)
    Tomorrow I will be working with awesome Jasmin Storch and Anna Klein, so exited!
    All photos are taken by Anna Granberg.

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • Minna Palmqvist is one of my favorite designers/artists… You can see a lot of her work in the editorial called Sanctuary. She made an entire (and very beautiful) collection inspired by fat cells…
    From tomorrow and until the beginning of June you can see her work at the Wondering Mode exhibition in Torun, Poland.

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • I’ve never experienced before how a new hair color can change your mood. I’ve been walking around with a big smile on my face the entire day. I love, love, love my new pink/purple hair. It’s actually a bit more purple than in these images though.
    Big thanks to Alejandro at Moc!!!

    Love, Michaela Widergren



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