• Some iphone snaps from the weekend. Baby got pox :( So we've mostly been at home taking care of the little rascal. She's been acting like she got ants in her trousers (swedish expression). Rolling around on the floor trying to scratch what she can reach. I even had to hold her hands all night when she was sleeping, so you can imagine how much sleep I've managed to get... Baby's been pretty happy though.
    The fourth picture is my lunch yesterday, trying to stop eating candy and sugary stuff, so loading my meals with fruits and berries instead. I might have an obsession with raisins, just can't get enough and dried mango, if you haven't tried it go buy some, it's delicious.
    Today baby's feeling better and that will be celebrated with a long walk along the water.
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    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • It's Tuesday, which for me and baby V equals yoga time. We're doing yoga at Yogayama in Östermalmstorg and since baby needs to sleep before the class I always take a walk there (we live in Hornstull). And since baby needs to sleep after the class I always end up walking home too :) I like walking so there's no problem there, and since Vesper is sleeping in the stroller I can listen to podcasts while strutting home. I've been listening to a lot of pods about kids and pregnancy. Förlossningspodden, Vattnet går, Barnvagnspromenader and so on. There's just so much information about the subject kids, and there're questions that I never thought I'd be interested in, but now I am... I never thought I would be such a nerd.
    I'm wearing Adidas and Weekday while baby's in a stretchy jumpsuit from Soft Gallery.

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • As you might know I'm working on my portfolio. I'll be doing a series of animals, kids illustrations, kind of like animal portraits. This is the first one done, I'm calling it Sad Panda... :) And sad panda needs a new home. If you're interested send me an email. I also do commissions, right now I'm working on a drawing for something totally different, a singel cover for the trash metal band Mefisto.

    Love, Michaela Widergren


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