• Just died my eyebrows, DIY, using Depend's dark brown colour, just a shade darker than normal.

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    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • Little babylicious is now 7 weeks old :) She now weights 4260 grams and this week she started to laugh for real. The other night she woke me up in the middle of the night for the third time but the moment I looked at her she gave me the biggest smile, nothing can top that. She still has a lot of spots left on her face and ears, I can tell it bothers her because she's trying to scratch the rashes. Poor little baby. Today we got some hydrocortisone paste at the doctors so hopefully it'll be better soon.
    Baby's outfit is from Åhlens. I'm wearing nothing special but it is the first time I'm in my jeans, since, well long before I gave birth to Vesper. So happy to be able to wear my jeans again. I only have 4-5 kilos left, then I'm back to normal. Don't care that much about the weight actually but it'll be nice to be able to wear all of my trousers again ;)

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • Last week baby got some spots on her face, on her neck and on her chest :( It might just be the regular ones that all babies get, (hormonprickar), but the doctor wasn't sure so I'm not aloud to eat any dairy for a week. She also told me to avoid egg and soy... So since I'm already a vegetarian I'm pretty much on a vegan diet at the moment. The reason I'm avoiding the milk is because we wanna find out if Vesper is allergic to cows milk and that might be what's giving her the rash. I've always wanted to become vegan (climate change!!!) so this is definitely not a problem for me.
    Starting the day with Chia pudding (chia seeds and almond milk), I always put a bit of cinnamon in my pudding, toppig it of with sliced bananas and coconut nibs. Today I also added some gingerbread crumbles since it was first advent yesterday :)

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    Love, Michaela Widergren


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