• Had to make a post about baby's ice cream outfit :) The body is from Newbie and the leggings and bib are from Molo.
    Baby is turning six months on Friday and I must say that Vesper and I are really enjoying our time at home together. She's a very happy baby at the moment. Most of all she love's it when dad's home or when we have family or friends visiting because she gets so much attention. She also really likes "walking" around in the apartment or taking a long walk along the water in the babybjörn. We were feeding the ducks the other day and she started laughing because she thought it was so much fun seeing and hearing them beg for more bread :)

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • Vesper's a very lucky girl because her grandma is a sewing teacher. She makes the cutest little socks, cardigans and toys for baby V. She made these red, orange and pink elephants for baby to hang on the stroller and she just loves them. My friend and Odalisque's beauty editor Pari (she also has a blog here) had been admiring them for a while. If you didn't know she has baby Idris who is turning three months this week. Because she liked them so much I asked grandma Widergren if she could make three little elephants for them too and she did, in blue and green. I'm telling grandma when she retires she should start her own shop and sell kids toys and clothes, all organic and handmade, who wouldn't want that for their child? The rings in the end of the toys that you attach to the stroller are from Kurtis.

    Love, Michaela Widergren
  • Last week was my friend Annas birthday, we celebrated with Semlor (that we both love). I should be embarrassed because I've eaten so many this year, but they're the perfect fika :) Anna's my friend that I told you about in my post last week. @Couquettishblog on Instagram.
    She is helping me with a very unexpected project that I have coming up. Will tell you more about this in May ;)

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    Love, Michaela Widergren


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