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  • Today I was lucky to participate in a pre-launch of the new collaboration between IKEA and the Danish design company HAY.

    By the 6th of October IKEA are officially launching this collection called YPPERLIG. By combining materials, colours and production techniques, is this a collection of basics adapted to modern needs and wants that truly shows the greatness of collaboration.

    Personally, I miss the key pieces that I associate HAY with like the dot cushion, the bed spreadkaleido, time, wooden hand, gym hook and so on…

    It would have been fun to see the key items transformed in new ways, in different colors and materials. But no…

    Anyway there are still a lot of goodies to get youre hands on, these are my favorites (quite a long shopping list) from the collection :

    3-sits bäddsoffa

    Pläd, mörkgrön

    * Kasse, stor, mörkröd, vit

    Kasse, stor, grön, vit

    Fåtölj, Gunnared mörkgrå

    Bricka, mörkröd, ljusgrön

    Karmstol, inom-/utomhus, grön

    Spegel, vit

    Spegel, mörkröd

    Spegel, grön

    Ljushållare, grön

    Ljushållare, mörkgrå

    Kuddfodral, svart/vit

    Kuddfodral, mörkröd, prickar

    Kuddfodral, grön, prickar

    Pappersservett, ljusbrun

    Happy shopping!

    Love, Tina Rydergård
  • Like I told you yesterday, I started off my day with a lovely presentation of Bitte Kai Rand SS18 at Hotel at Six / Blanche & Hierta, hosted by Agency V. Thank you for having me!

    They talked about the SS18 collection, being centered around 4 themes: water, earth, air and fire:

    “The collection is divided into four separate stories under the same headline. The stories are strong enough to stand alone, but they also make sense when they are united. The main headline is ethno techno, and the four elements given name to each separate story: Water, Earth, Air and Fire.”

    Showing of parts of the pieces from the collection, explaining the story and history of the brand and its founders. I really liked the fact that the company seemed so closely linked together in every part of the design process. And also the story about the founder Bitte herself. Talking about her smoking habits and the fact that they all hugged each other when they came in to office in the mornings, loved that! Not the smoking though, which is something for me personally, that is far more intriguing in theory than in actual life. But something that still looks damn good in pictures…

    Love, Tina Rydergård
  • Hi and welcome to my new blog!

    My name is Tina Rydergård and I work mainly as a freelance stylist and curator. But in between, I´m doing a million of other things! 

    Such as working at Kulturhuset / Stadsteatern with one of the plays and studying Architecture once a week at KTH.

    I also just started working at the best store in Stockholm (not at all partisan in this haha) called JUS, come by and say hi if you want!

    Starting from today I will be here blogging at Odalisque and I´m so exited about it! Hope you will like my content, just let me know if there is something you want to see more (or less) about! 

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Started off my day with a lovely presentation of Bitte Kai Rand SS18 at Hotel at Six / Blanche & Hierta, hosted by Agency V - more about that tomorrow! Then I went off to work at JUS and after that straight home to write this. Now I need to study for tomorrows lecture in architecture. Wish me luck!

    Love, Tina Rydergård


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