Written by Fashion Tales



    Correct the imperfections of the face using LE CORRECTEUR DE CHANEL with the RETRACTABLE DUAL-TIP CONCEALER BRUSH N°105 where needed.

    According to your skin tone, apply EXCLUSIVE CREATION DIAMOND DUST GOLD AND PEACH or LIGHT AND BERRY on your cheeks.

    According to your skin tone, add BAUME ESSENTIEL MOONLIGHT KISS or BAUME ESSENTIEL SOLAR GLOW on the apples of the cheeks using the PRECISION POWDER BRUSH N° 111.

    Brush the brows with DUAL-ENDED BROW BRUSH N°207.  Fill in with the STYLO SOURCILS HAUTE PRECISION. Apply le GEL SOURCILS in TRANSPARENT to add depth to hairs for a strong result.

    According to your skin tone, apply STYLO OMBRE & CONTOUR 42 CELESTIAL PINK or 52 ATTAYA directly on the mobile eyelid. Blend it with RETRACTABLE DUAL-ENDED EYESHADOW BRUSH N°200 all over the mobile eyelid.

    Apply a light touch of 31 LE ROUGE in ROUGE LION or ROUGE INTIMISTE (further the look) in the middle of your lips and smudge it all over the lips.

    Prepare with a coat of LA BASE CAMÉLIA. Set up with LE VERNIS DE CHANEL 111 BALLERINA, fix and add shine with LE GEL COAT.


    Written by Fashion Tales

    Presented by the Fashion Creation Studio, the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2024/25 Haute Couture collection pays tribute to the Palais Garnier, in Paris. Playing a key role ever since its creation, in both the history of fashion and the House, this hotspot of performance and elegance, where everything is about glances, gazes and putting oneself on display, is today hosting the CHANEL runway show. Sophisticated, luxurious, theatrical, the collection reveals itself in the outside corridors surrounding the auditorium, transformed for the occasion into red velvet opera boxes. Usual landmarks are modified, perceptions are reversed, the experience of the Palais Garnier is renewed. A set designed by the French director Christophe Honoré.

    Here, the worlds of Haute Couture and opera mingle. Feathers, tassels, cabochons and embroidered flowers, precious braids, lacquered jersey, supple tweeds, silky velvet, illusion tulle, taffeta and duchesse satin: opulent materials that delicately rustle. The volumes are diaphanous, the sleeves puffed, and the flounces pleated. Richly embroidered, the collection imbues the House codes with a romantic twist. A CHANEL suit with box pleats revisited in burgundy tweed trimmed with white satin, a black corduroy tuxedo and a white blouse with an embroidered plastron, a black suit with a long culotte and a short, fitted jacket with shoulders swathed in black feathers, dance among long coats, voluminous capes and evening gowns, evoking a modernised stage tradition and a certain science of pageantry.

    Matte, glossy, lacquered: light reigns supreme. A palette of black, gold, silver, ivory, fuchsia, pale pink, celadon hints at the most splendid of soirees. In this institution, we see, we are seen, we experience emotions. It's also a place for dance. As Major Patron of the Opéra national de Paris since 2023, Patron of the Ballet de l'Opéra since 2021 and Patron of the dance season’s Opening Gala since 2018, CHANEL is deeply involved. Its history, associated with that of the discipline, the avant-garde ballets of yesterday and today, and intimately linked, in its very creation, to that of movement, has attested to this for over a hundred years. With a tutu, Pierrot outfits, nods to the ballets Le Train Bleu (1924) and Apollon Musagète (1928) – for which Gabrielle Chanel created the revolutionary costumes – dresses for divas, princesses and brides, the Fall-Winter 2024/25 Haute Couture collection leads us into a world where clothes dress the space as much as they conquer it.

    Against this vibrant backdrop, the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2024/25 Haute Couture collection showcases the technical expertise, virtuosity and sensitivity of the CHANEL Haute Couture ateliers where some 150 people work in six ateliers at 31, rue Cambon, next to the CHANEL Fashion Creation Studio and close to the Palais Garnier.

    Discover more about the show at www.chanel.com


    Written by Jahwanna Berglund

    The history of Chanel and their fragrances dates all the way back to 1921. The first perfume of the house, Chanel N°5, has a renowned history and is beloved among many.

    This year it was time for the old love to get a transformation, not only in the shape of the bottle but with a more vibrant and energetic smell.
    For the first time the house leaves its traditional standing bottles and makes something that feels as good on your skin as in your hand.
    The limited edition DROP N°5 L'EAU evokes a sense of youthful eagerness in a distinct form.

    Imagine a sunny morning in a blooming garden, where the air is crisp and filled with the scent of freshly peeled citrus. The top notes of lemon, tangerine, and orange are like the first rays of sunlight, awakening your senses with their bright and lively aroma. As the day unfolds, the garden comes alive with the fragrance of flowers—roses in full bloom, delicate jasmine wafting through the air, and the exotic hint of ylang-ylang adding an unexpected twist. This floral symphony is modern and lively, capturing the essence of a youthful spirit ready to embrace every day with a joyful sense.

    As the day transitions into a serene afternoon, the base notes of vetiver and cedar wood emerge, grounding the fragrance with their earthy richness. The sweet musk adds a touch of warmth, like the gentle embrace of a loved one. Together, these notes create a sophisticated and lingering scent that stays with you, evoking a sense of confidence and fresh elegance.

    This perfume is a celebration of youth, freshness, and timeless beauty. It's the perfect companion for those who embrace life with a spirited and modern approach, appreciating the classic elegance of N°5 but seeking a contemporary and vibrant twist.

    Embark on this journey and let the unique blend of emotions in DROP N°5 L'EAU transform your perception, offering a fragrant glimpse into a world of self-discovery and anticipation.

    As the house describes it themself, “it's an object to take everywhere and it's a secret that's meant to be shared”.

    Discover this limited edition perfume here