• photography BEATA CERVIN / ACNE Photography 
    stylist ANNA SUNDELIN 
    hair & make up INA PALM
    model SHALINI / Mikas

    dress TORY BURCH

    Spring is Calling

    Photography by pari
    dress MIU MIU
    earrings NANUSHKA
    jacket BARBARA BUI
    knit COS
    trousers OUR LEGACY
    shoes MIU MIU
    dress MIU MIU
    earrings NANUSHKA
    shorts & jacket KENZO
    bag MIU MIU
    vest KENZO
    trousers HERMES
    dress & shoes VALENTINO
    trousers ACNE STUDIOS
    skirt OUR LEGACY
    underwear CALIDA
    dress ACNE STUDIOS
    earrings LOUIS VUITTON
    boots WHYRED
    jacket OUR LEGACY
    underwear BLUMARINE
  • photography by JÖRGEN AXELVALL

    Katsuya Kamo's Headpieces

    Written by Michaela Widergren

    What is it that you do?
    I'm a hairstylist who makes hairpieces.

    Why headpieces?
    I just kept on working with designers who had individual and creative ideas. So I just wanted to make them satisfied.

    Is Tokyo a good and inspiring city for headpieces, do people wear them?
    People don't wear headpieces.

    Do you ever wear headpiece or a hat yourself?
    I don't wear headpieces but I like to wear normal hats.

    Which is the most extravagant and important headpiece you've created?
    I always do my best to create the newest headpieces, in words my newest one is the most extravagant and important headpiece.