• ASKET - The clothing brand that won’t let you buy any clothing today

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    In what can only be described as an act of defiance towards the consumption craze surrounding Black Friday, ASKET is closing down their store for the day, encouraging their fans to take care of what they already have instead of buying anything new today.

    STOCKHOLM November 23rd – While most brands and retailers are kickstarting the biggest shopping weekend of the year through extensive discounting, Stockholm-based menswear brand ASKET is taking a very different approach: closing down their store for the day and, instead of having you buy new items, launching a garment care portal, helping you to take care of what you already have. Entering their webpage you’re greeted with the following message:

    “Compared to only fifteen years ago, we buy twice as many garments but keep them only half as long. Instead of adding to these sad statistics through heavy discounts, designed to induce poor decision making and a false sense of need we're closing down the shop for the day and redirecting to our brand-new garment care portal. Today, you can't buy any new clothing from us, you can only learn how to care for and get the most out of what you already have.”

    In addition to the garment care portal, ASKET has opened up a clothing spa and repair shop at their Stockholm showroom on Dalagatan 27, allowing anyone to bring in garments from any brand for free treatments. They will also be hosting a live AMA (ask me anything) on Instagram encouraging anyone to send in their trickiest garment care questions and get them resolved over the weekend.

    Garment care is something of a lost art. We’ve become used to replacing instead of repairing. Many people, myself included, don’t even know how to attach a button these days. While we do our very best to create garments that are - in every aspect - made to last, educating on how to actually care for them and thereby prolong their lifetime is just as integral to our mission of slowing down consumption. By extending the life of a garment by just 9 months, you reduce the environmental impact by one third.” says Dworsky.

    This is not the first time ASKET is closing for business on Black Friday, last year all you could access was a picture of an empty chair and the sign “closed for your consideration”, a message that apparently resonated very well with the brands fans.

    We got a lot of love for that and decided that we need to keep making a statement here, encouraging people to really consider their decisions and provide a break from all the consumption propaganda filling social feeds and inboxes today. We really need to slow down, rethink and reduce our consumption. As a brand we feel obliged to act as a voice of reason, reminding you that you really don’t have to buy anything at all today. Twenty years from now we’ll look back at Black Friday the same way we look at smoking today: How could we not have understood how bad it is?” says Dworsky.

    About ASKET
    ASKET is an independent online-only menswear brand founded in 2015 in Stockholm by August Bard Bringéus and Jakob Dworsky with the mission is to slow down the fashion industry and change the way we manufacture, market, and consume clothing. Based on honest production, transparent pricing and revolutionary sizing, ASKET is creating a single, permanent collection of timeless essentials, so that we can reduce the amount of garments we actually need, and care for them more.



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    Dr. Martens has a somewhat more rebellious attitude to Christmas and New Year celebrations.

    This year, the models 1460 and 1461 are embellished with velcro straps and iridescent materials before Christmas, clearly the best decoration for the ultimate party!

    The sequins on the models are reversible, so you can easily brush a new color scheme on your shoes. They come in a silver-colored exterior, which you can make into black glittering boots.

    For an even more unusual new year's outfit, the iridescent 1460 model, 10-hole foam in an oil pattern, hologram material, both models with multicolored heels, classic Dr. Martins knitted clothes and colorful shoelaces.


  • Unique and absolutely amazing ceramics from Ardmore Cermics at Bucks and Spurs

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    Ardmore Ceramics, South Africa, is the company founded in 1985 by the artist Fée Halsted when she met the highly talented Bonnie Ntshalinthali whose polio prevented her from working on the fields. Fée with a kind of education and Bonnie quickly found a way to work together and in 1990 they received the prestigious Award Standard Bank Young Artist Awards. After there was a demand for what they created together and Fée offered more and more young women in their vicinity to start with them and get the education they needed for production. It is also this which has always been the success of raising local artists, today both women and men - extraordinary people from KwaZulu-Natals Midlands, who receive training, materials, a studio and a guaranteed market for their work, all under the guidance of Fée Halsted. Today, many of those working with Ardmore's ceramics are relatives and family members of former employees who worked there. An artistry that is inherited.

    Ceramics are made entirely by hand and hand painted by the incredibly skilled artists. It is colorful, detailed and joyful. We can honestly say that you will be happy to consider the various pieces ranging from small pieces, candlesticks, pans, vases to big urns of flowers, zebras, cheetahs, elephants and other beautiful in a wonderful mix. Each item is made by two people together, a potter and a painter. The detail of both form and color is incredibly well done on all ceramics and every piece of art is unique.

    Today, Ardmore's pottery is well-known and is gathered by many around the world. It can also be seen at the various auction houses such as Christies, Bonhams and Southebys. Also released as state gifts from South Africa. Ardmore also makes textile patterns and has, for example, produced different patterns for Hermès and wallpaper patterns for Cole & Son.


  • Wingårdhs and Ingegerd Råman release lamp collection for Örsjö

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    Everything started as a joint project but ended in two cooperative collections. Wingårdh's chosen leather, Ingegerd Råman's paper. Now the collaboration with Smålands Örsjö Lighting is being launched.

    As a forerunner in Swedish design and architecture, Gert Wingårdh and Ingegerd Råman have a huge list of award winning and successful projects and products behind them. Together with Sara Helder, from Wingårdhs, trion has worked in several projects, such as Aula Medica and the Swedish Embassy in Washington.

    Now two unique product series have been created, Gert Wingårdh and Sara Helders Boa and Ingegerd Råmans Virvel. Boa is completely dressed in leather and with metal base. While Virvel is based on weight circular paper.

    Wingårdh's lamp series comes in four designs. Two floor fittings, an up-light and a reading lamp. A pendant luminaire and a wall lamp are under development.

    “I wanted to make a lamp in leather, I do not think anyone has done it before. I wanted to use the leather and its qualities. Simplicity and the iconic feeling. There is a danger in the material, a sense of rock n roll, says Gert Wingårdh.

    Its prominent trattform returns in all models and the leather that wears the lamp can be obtained in a variety of colors such as black, cognac or nature.

    “The lamp is also about craft and quality, the visible seams give both life and pattern. The metal tire, dressed in leather and the light source a bit in. It's strong, but does not take a lot of space. It gives a well-directed light with a hidden light source and minimal glare while I see in front of me that it can both camouflage in the environment or stand out, “says Sara Helder, Wingårdhs.

    Ingegerd Råmans Virvel is a series of two ceiling lamps made of circular weight paper from Småland Lessebo Handpappersbruk.

    - This is the first time I work with paper. I have always wanted to do that and thanks to the new technology with LED lamps it has become possible, says Ingegerd Råman.

    The material has many possibilities and the number of folds next to infinity. Currently there are two models in production, but more are under development, including a table lamp.

    - There is a special beauty in the thin and cut paper. Then I have always liked the character of the material, there is a transience that I appreciate. There are still an infinite number of folds, of which two are reported here, says Ingegerd Råman.


    Örsjö Belysning AB has over 70 years of experience with lighting production. Örsjös assortment has been developed together with some of Scandinavia's leading designers with a focus on function, innovation and personality. 

    Wingårdhs is an art-driven architectural office that works with architecture, which means houses, city plans, interiors, landscapes and products. Wingårdhs has 220 employees distributed in offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö. Wingårdhs sees architecture as art and the company's roots are daring the unexpected and finding ways.

    Ingegerd Råman
    Ingegerd Råman is one of Swedish design's foreground figures. Timelessness and simplicity are the words of her design. She has studied pottery and glass at, among others, Capellagården at Öland, at Konstfack in Stockholm and at the Institute of Statue d'Arte per la Ceramica in Faenza, Italy. She has on numerous occasions received the award Excellent Swedish Form and is represented at, among others, the National Museum in Stockholm, Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg. In 1995 she was awarded a professorship title.

    BOA Pendant: H 90 cm, 6 100 kr, Up-light floor H 190 cm, 14 400 kr, Reading lamp floor H 170 cm, 15 500 kr

    VIRVEL Double: Ø 470 cm, 2 930 kr, single: Ø 400 cm, 2 450 kr

    The lights will be available from spring 2019.

    More info can be found here: http://www.orsjo.com/


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    DAILYROUTINE's fashion wardrobe seven days a week presents the SS19, a collection of inspiration from Japanese indigo, work clothes and Miami in the 1970s.

    Japanese indigo and its special staining techniques were the starting point for Dailyroutine SS19. Indigotons create exciting contrasts and elevate eg the costume in coarse linen to a new level. The Workwear jacket, t-shirts and sweatshirts are spring keyboards that allow streetwear to meet it Scandinavian dandyn. Odd, untouched jackets, cotton costumes with AMF stitching (hand-knitted on inside of the jackets), wide laundered jeans, shorts, shirts and colors like vintage white, pelican purple, mint-turquoise and indigo have clear references to 1970's Miami. The blend of patterns has emerged with the streets as inspiration to find elements of colorful stripes and glencheck.

    In front of SS19, Dailyroutine launches a Cruise Collection as a premiere of the Spring collection. Cruise collection consists of the season's best shorts, which are combined with either streetwear styles or with an elegant jacket, shirt or polo shirt. The task of the short collection was to design one shorts wardrobe consisting of elegant coarse linen shorts, luxurious cotton shorts, striped summer shorts in light linen and short tennis shorts. The color scale is indigo, gray, sand and light blue.

    Designer Christian Lippich, with a degree from Royal College of Art in Fashion, is Founder and Creative Director of the stylish and modern men's fashion brand, Dailyroutine. Dailyroutine offers one complete designer cloakroom with clothes for the modern man, positioned in luxury fashion and contemporary clothing. Dailyroutine displays collections four times a year and offers a solid foundation for a modern shop that wants to buy seasonal collections. Christian Lippich has a solid experience in fashion since he has worked for luxury brands like St John, Elie Tahari, YSL and Alexander McQueen. After eight years as a designer of Tiger of Sweden, Christian Lippich decided to start his own, modern men's fashion brand, Dailyroutine.

    Designer: Christian Lippich
    Stylist: Hilda Sandström
    Style Assistant: Vanessa Werkelin
    Grooming: Jacob Kajrup
    Grooming assistant: Moona Narancic
    Models: Mikas
    Music: Alexander Bultjens
    Shoes: Vagabond
    Watches: Baume & Mercier


  • K2 initiates cooperation with the Breast Cancer Association

    Written by Fashion Tales

    In the fall and winter of 2018, the US ski brand K2 will launch a collaboration with Breast cancer federation in Sweden to pay attention to the importance of active life and that it can also decrease the risk of breast cancer. K2 Sports products aimed at women have previously had a roseband log on where contributions have only gone to the American breast cancer research and through this collaboration comes Now money for the first time is donated to breast cancer research in Sweden. Stadium is included as an important one partner to K2 Sports by selling the selected skis.

    K2 Sports has previously contributed to childhood cancer research along with BMW. Now they take another step further in the fight and this time with the Breast Cancer Association. There are about 1000 K2 of skis that are expected to be sold in the fall and winter season at Stadium's stores around Sweden where 50 sec per sold ski will go to breast cancer research in Sweden. The skis will have a custom-made roof with information to the consumer.

    It is incredibly exciting to start a collaboration with the Breast Cancer Association. Knowing that an active life can decrease the risk of breast cancer and that we two parties then have to realize this together with Stadium that always had an effort to get everyone in Sweden to live an active life is even more pleasing and gives us unmatched opportunities to reach out with our message. We therefore also have named this important campaign “Åk Rosa”, says Marcus Pupp, K2's Swedish agent.

    Since there are studies showing good effects of physical activity in breast cancer patients receiving treatment with cytostatics so it's exciting to find a new partner in K2 for the winter season. Often it focuses a lot on spring and spring summer sports but we also want to highlight activities during the winter months. That K2 and Stadium want to take part in this vital Travel is for us a benefit, “said Marit Jenset, Secretary General of the Breast Cancer Association.

    For Stadium's part, this collaboration means that selected K2 skis will be sold from October / November at Stadium Stores around Sweden. Stadium has challenged the industry since 1987 with the mission to inspire an active lifestyle, which this initiative fits well with.

    Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women in Sweden. Approx. 9,000 are affected annually in Sweden, meaning every hour a woman gets her breast cancer diagnosis. The Breast Cancer Association is Sweden's only association that focuses exclusively on breast cancer - and supporting both research and members. The Breast Cancer Association's vision is that no one should suffer from breast cancer and to reach it funding the research, spreading knowledge about prevention and driving opinion formation in breast cancer issues (Source: Breast Cancer Association).