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    Despite current travel restrictions Hermès took us through a women’s fall winter show crossing continents. From Park Avenue Armory in New York followed by La Garde Rèpublicaine in Paris ending at the Maison Hermès in Shanghai.

    Saturday 6th of March 2021

    NEW YORK 08:54AM
    Starting off  with a harmonious powerful dance of women choreographed by Madeline Hollander who’s known for adapting the daily life in the Big Apple, technology and the elements of classical dance into a beautiful body ensemble.

    PARIS 02:54PM
    Showing the runway collection in Paris , the house presented a show over the top.
    With an orange box set design and a pleasant lightning that reminds of those nights a few days in to fall before the cold hit us.

    This season Nadège Vanhee-Cybulsky chose to work with some interesting and unusual seen fabrics as well, like denim, of course with fine leather details - which is a signum for Hermès. Andy Warhol's quote “ I wanna die with my blue jeans on” makes total sense when seeing the show -
    at least I want to enter fall in Hermés denim!

    The house recently revealed a collaboration on one of their classical Victoria travel bags that will come in a lab grown “Mushroom-Leather”.

    Some interesting really eye-catching accessories shown at the women's fall 21 was the chain bracelet with a Hèrmes designed lock. The bracelet can probably be wearable as a necklace as well, since the brand let their customers be creative with the accessories. Some other interesting accessories were the new 3-in-1 Birkin bag and the Hermèsway bag - the most convenient everyday mini bag with separate cases for your daily necessities.

    SHANGHAI 09:54PM
    As a house that titulars itself as a contemporary artisan, they ended the show with an artistic contemporary performance in Shanghai, choreographed by female Chinese artist Gu Jiani.

    Hermès, the god of good luck and messenger to Zeus in the Greek mythology always invites a top notch performance.
    This show totally created cravings for a Hermès fall!

    Watch full show at www.hermes.com


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    A veritable CHANEL icon, instantly recognisable, the 11.12 bag bears within it both the history of the House and the avant-gardist vision of Gabrielle Chanel. In front of Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin’s camera, it appears in a new campaign entitled The CHANEL Iconic in the Paris neighbourhood of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. On the arms of Anna Mouglalis, Rianne van Rompaey, Imaan Hammam, Louise de Chevigny and Zoé Adjani, the iconic bag of the House is in the spotlight.

    A reinterpretation of the 2.55 bag imagined by Gabrielle Chanel in February 1955, the 11.12 bag
    acquired iconic status under the impetus of Karl Lagerfeld in the early 1980s. It differs from its predecessor by a clasp decorated with a double C and by a metal chain interlaced with leather. Every detail of its allure reflects its heritage: cleverly designed and as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, the 11.12, like the 2.55, bears all the attributes of a bag created by a couturière. Its conception - a bag in a bag worked according to the piqué retourné (“turn and stitch”) technique and held in place with points de bride stitches - indeed evokes that of Ready-to-Wear, as do its seven functional pockets. The “diamond” quilting topstitched with the “point droit de couturière” that covers the body of the bag is inspired by the world of horses, so dear to Gabrielle Chanel, while its adjustable metal chain induces a liberating gesture for the body, just like the clothing designed by the designer.

    A bag created by a woman, a couturière’s bag, contrasting with the bags made by leathermakers of the era: the first paradox of the 11.12. Others characterise this accessory, as it defies time as much as trends. Universal and yet intimate, designed for every woman, it is passed on as a precious and personal heritage. Functional, imagined for everyday life, it has a delicacy and an extreme refinement through the use of a supple lambskin leather, originally the preserve of glove makers, but also grained calfskin known as “caviar” as well as other materials from the CHANEL Ready-to-Wear collections including jersey, tweed, silk, velvet and denim… As for its timeless line, of an immutable purity, it is the perfect accompaniment to women’s constantly evolving lives, without ever losing its modernity.

    “The Chanel 11.12 bag is part of your life forever. It is pure perfection in its proportion, simplicity and understated timeless luxury. The five women in this campaign are icons in their own right, they embody the multiple generations that Chanel has touched,” explain Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

    Anna Mouglalis, Rianne van Rompaey, Imaan Hammam, Louise de Chevigny and Zoé Adjani also share their special connection to the 11.12.

    The 11.12 bag is simply Chanel. It is one of the iconic pieces that tells the whole story, with all the elegance of the House. It looks like Chanel,” confides Anna Mouglalis. “I think its iconic status comes from the simplicity of the shape. If you ask someone to draw a bag, this is the one that comes to mind immediately thanks to its ultimate refinement.”

    Everybody, since you’re a little girl, knows what the classic Chanel bag looks like. It has such a history. And especially in fashion, every season everything changes so fast, it’s nice to see these classic bags that have been around for so long. Reinterpreted every time, but with the same DNA,” adds Rianne van Rompaey. “It's the most famous bag in the world. It has some fairy tale to it.”

    I think every girl’s biggest dream is to own a Chanel bag,” Imaan Hammam resumes. “I was able to buy my first Chanel bag when I was 17, and I remember saving so much money for it, it was a mini version of the 11.12, black on black, and I still have it. This bag is just very chic, elegant, very feminine. When I wear it I feel effortless and powerful.”

    The 11.12 bag is the iconic bag par excellence. It is a truly timeless bag, which remains as modern and chic as ever,” says Louise de Chevigny. “Fashion evolves but there is always this bag. It adds elegance to every silhouette. I like the idea that I will pass it on to my daughter if I am lucky enough to have one. My mother used to have one, and when I was younger I would steal it from her. At first to play with and then when I started going to parties, it was a source of pride.”

    This luxury, this savoir-faire, it has always fascinated and touched me,” continues Zoé Adjani. “The 11.12 represents Chanel: the double C, the hidden pocket, the small pockets inside. And it suits me: I love to compartmentalise. With all the history it carries inside, it represents more than a bag: it's like carrying Paris on your shoulder.”

    A true ally to everyday life, the CHANEL 11.12 bag is more than a classic. A concentrate of dreams, emotions, history and meticulously crafted luxury, it remains an icon of timeless elegance that will forever embody the allure of CHANEL.


  • Acne Studios Women's FW21 Collection

    Written by Susan Stjernberger by Fashion Tales

    Acne Studios Women Autumn/Winter 2021 presented during Paris Fashion Week

    With his autumn/winter 2021 collection, Jonny Johansson handed us that security blanket or stuffed animal we all need right about now longing for safety and comfort during this pandemic and a feeling of reassurance coming out of it. The security blanket stems from the Peanuts comic where the character Linus always had his blanket with him. In this case, the security blanket or lovey came in the form of fluffy frayed fabrics, styling like a cocoon, wrapping and enveloping the body for comfort, and the ceramic animals, a debut collaboration with artist Apollinaria Broche. In these unusual times, we all need soothing, the keepsake of memories and nostalgia, something telling us it’s going to be alright.

    The designer echoes what we’re all also experiencing and thinking about “Living in isolation can often feel like a dreamscape and I wanted to express that in this collection. I was also thinking about what happens when we emerge and re-enter the world and how we are the same, but yet we are different.”

    The first look walked out wearing a roomy wrap coat in floral print wool similar to a cozy night robe and holding tightly onto a ceramic cat. The next dreamy look was a head-to-toe pastel pink textured knit which felt like a much loved and worn teddy bear, one we want to hug and is hugging us back hopefully soon. This collection takes us through a dreamscape of pajama feeling floral pastels, pale shades, and draping neutrals, to a vivid reality of black and whites, long-sleeved linen dress, and sleeveless gowns. Oh, how we long to wake up from this lull and dress up to go out again.

    For me, the accessories are always a highlight with Acne Studios, and this time they did not disappoint. The models carried the ceramic cats and dogs resembling stuffed animals as a handbag and the miniature version as earrings and chokers. And oh that shearling hat shielding and the oversize eyewear masking. Even the Musubi mini bag is updated in a denim look-alike leather with patchwork construction and denim detailed stitching, an ode to the brand’s original roots. 
    See below for some closeups of the details.
    This collection will be available in all Acne Studios stores and available online on acnestudios.com.

    photo credit ACNE STUDIOS


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    Josefin Zachrisson was born and raised in Söderhamn. After four years of art and design studies, she graduated in 2019 Beckmans School of Design and is today active as an artist and designer with Stockholm as base. She describes her practice as a three-dimensional language in the border country between art and design. With her design language, she wants to communicate feelings, thoughts and ideas. Her way of working is conceptual, experimental and emotional and takes consideration for both impression and use. In addition to their individual work Josefin is also part of the art and design collective Swedish Girls.


    Functional sculptures in aluminum

    In this project I have studied three-dimensional design in a digital and physical context. In the borderland in between I have sought to find a method and an approach that will enable me and my intuitive and material-focused process to function. A method that brings new ways for designers to work and that can also create a new approach to design.

    No(n)sense is a concept, a process and multiple feelings in varying dimensions. The physical result is a tray and a chair in sand-casted aluminum, designed
    trough an animated and virtual process focusing on physical material. The concept is about what you feel when you interact and don’t interact with form, material and resistance.


    Functional glassware

    A state of mind translated into glass 

    Mess is a series of glassware created through a mixture of feelings. Every object is unique and made in Småland, Sweden. The process of making ‘Mess’ is intuitive and requires at least two experienced glass blowers apart from myself. The glass blowers who I made this first edition together with has been working with glass for 45 years. With Mess I want to examine how material can make you feel, making you want to physically feel it but also encourages you to reflect on feelings through observation.

    Seats is a sculptural, multi-seated piece of furniture, with a backrest reimagined as additional seating.The comfort level is adapted to shorter periods of sitting in a public environment. The modular construction opens up for the possibility of different types of usage. It is a piece of furniture that inspires the flow of a space

    artwork Mess
    photography by JOSEFINE LAUL
    artwork Mess
    photography by JOSEFINE LAUL
    artwork No(n)sense
    photography by FRIDA VEGA
    artwork Mess
    photography by JOSEFINE LAUL
    artwork No(n)sense
    photography by FRIDA VEGA
    artwork Seats


    artwork Seats


    artwork Seats

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    Danish fashion label GANNI and iconic American denim brand Levi’s® are back for a second collaboration of timeless denim jeans, jackets, dresses and tops, each made to last using cottonized hemp.

    Building on the previous upcycled, rental-only GANNI & Levi’s® “Love Letter” collection that launched in August 2020, the latest collaboration celebrates both brands’ efforts towards responsible fashion, sustainability, and design innovation—this time using denim crafted from cottonized hemp. Hemp generally requires less water and fewer pesticides in cultivation than conventionally grown cotton. The hemp blended into these garments comes from rain-fed hemp crops, which reduces water usage even further. It is then treated in a way that softens — or “cottonizes” —the fiber, making it look and feel indistinguishable fromcotton.

    We’re huge fans of GANNI’s work and this collaboration was an opportunity to inject their signature and effortless femininity into Levi’s® iconic denim, using next level sustainable materials with cottonized hemp. It’s been amazing working with the GANNI team, we both share a passion for authenticity, originality, and sustainability. Ultimately, we set out to inspire authentic self-expression - creating unique and easy pieces that people fall in love with, and wear again and again and again.” – Karyn Hillman, Chief Product Officer, Levi’s®.

    The new collaboration plays off the brands’ mutual appreciation for one another by combining their signature design details, with each piece featuring the Levi’s® x GANNI unique back patch. Featuring standout denim dresses with Peter Pan collars, limited-edition GANNI prints, and ‘70s-inspired shapes, the collection builds on the heritage and authenticity of Levi’s® iconic styles with GANNI’s playful design signatures and hero shapes sprinkled throughout, all in innovative, responsible materials.

    Working with Levi’s® has been so much
    fun. From the moment we met, there was instant chemistry and we really felt aligned on our visions from the very beginning. We’ve learnt so much along the way about new fabrics and the craftsmanship of great denim. I remember stepping into the Levi’s® HQ and seeing team members wearing GANNI and Levi’s® together and thinking; this collaboration feels so right. The collection is all about timeless pieces that you want to wear over and over again. It’s classic denim with a few playful details that just get even better with time. We hope people will wear them forever.” – Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director, GANNI

    To celebrate the coming together of the two brands again, the campaign was shot by London photographer Rosie Marks in London, Copenhagen and San Francisco. The 14-piece ready-to-wear collection of dresses, shirts, jackets, jeans, T-shirts and sweatshirts will be available to buy on GANNI.com, Levi.com, Levi’s® and GANNI stores globally as well as select wholesale partners in February 2021.