Bringing current and future independent and outspoken creators forward is central when adidas Originals is launching their new sneaker Falcon. In theNordics adidas are celebrating 27 creators and on a global Kyle Jenner is front-face for the launch, and also introduced for the first time as a new ambassador for the brand. 

Inspired by the rebellious and groundbreaking mindset of the 90's icons such as Spice Girls, Thelma & Louise and today's icons like Kylie Jenner, Falcon is about not allowing other’s opinions to stand in the way of your creativity and personality. Falcon launched for the first time in 1997 and was about to honoring a strong decade with creators that challenged borders and paved the way for the future.

With the same core values, Falcon is now reborn for a new generation. In connection to this adidas Nordics is celebrating 27 Nordic creators and visionaries who through their creativity, high ambitions and strong voices dare to go their own way to change, inspire and motivate for a better tomorrow. 

For us, it is very important to collaborate, highlight and support talented and driven creators that we believe in and are inspired by, which we continually work with at a Nordic and global level. In relation to the Falcon launch, which symbolizes an independent, fearless and outspoken generation, we wanted to develop a local interpretation where we celebrate the creators of our Nordic network representing just that. » Sandra Essejö, Newsroom Manager, adidas Nordics

On a global level Kyle Jenner is the front-face for the launch. As a beauty boss, entrepreneur, and style icon, Jenner has subverted the expectations placed on young women by establishing herself as a business mogul and a creative visionary who refuses to allow anything to stand in her way.

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