Hairstory was born when Eli Halliwell, in a burst of inspiration, discovered a way to reinvent how hairdressers sell products to their clients. In the decade after he ran the international hair brand Bumble and bumble, the salon industry was so buffeted by technology disruption that it began to crumble. While other brands were abandoning salons, Halliwell knew there must be a better, more modern way. Within a few months, he regrouped with some core Bumble alumni to rethink everything about hair in a world where the old rules no longer apply. At the top of that list: A new way to wash hair.

Accomplished hairdressers sense intuitively that the root cause of most hair and scalp problems is over-cleaning by detergent in shampoo, and they suggest their clients use it sparingly. Less obvious is the fact that conditioners only exist to repair the damage shampoo causes, and many styling products exist only to restore the natural qualities it robs hair of. Taking detergent out of the equation changes everything: Shampoo is a sham, conditioner is a con, and hair looks and behaves better than ever without a lot of styling.

And that is how Hairstory is changing the course of hairdressing history.

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