WE TWO STOCKHOLM was founded 2018 by the two colleagues Katarina Johansson and Agneta Bohlin. With long experience in the fashion industry they decided to start their own clothing brand – WE TWO STOCKHOLM. With a genuine sense of timeless design and deep awareness of various fabrics they have chosen to work with natural materials with a special focus on silk.

The production for WE TWO STOCKHOLM is made by small and local tailors in Shanghai and the materials are handpicked, making all pieces Limited Edition and truly unique. New collections are released every season and continuously updated. The brand strives to produce only based on their costumers’ demands, as environmentally conscious production and consumption is more important today than ever. WE TWO STOCKHOLM turns towards the woman who shops with reflection and with care, and the woman in need for fabulous clothes at work, at dinner, or at a party.

- It’s such an exciting journey for us, to finally be able to create something of our own based on the experiences we both have. To have the opportunity to design clothes we want to wear ourselves is a true luxury. As for now we’ve decided to only use one size as we wish to see a more accepting and inclusive fashion than what is normally offered. We call it “Style Size”. The pieces will look different depending on who wears them, and it’s our way of showing the beauty of different bodies. We also want the pieces to be ageless, worn by a 25-year old girl as well as a 70-year old woman, says the both founders Katarina Johansson and Agneta Bohlin.

This season is characterized by a collection with mainly blouses and dresses. The styles come in 100% silk but are also offered in linen and cotton. Edith, the first silk blouse we designed is a straight fit style with voluminous sleeves. It is a feminine style with a stand-up collar and it comes in several different colors. Another silk blouse is Judith, which becomes the perfect party top with its wide sleeves and a wrap-around style. The third model we present is Doris, designed with cap-sleeves. It´s wide silhouette and elastic at the bottom creates a dramatic volume and interesting look. This silk blouse is offered in dusty green and black. As for the blouses we also offer Alma, an “oversized” classic button-up shirt, designed with a crisp cotton material and an essential part of a timeless wardrobe. Last but not least, the collection is perfected by Inez, a beautiful silk wrap-around dress, designed to be used as either a kaftan or a dress. It´s offered in navy, black and sand.

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