This January 2019, Keunes styling series Design is launched again, now under the name Style. The new product line includes both styling favorites with updated forms and completely new products.

Style is divided into three categories; Prep, Shape and Finish. Furthermore, each category of products consists of the eight different product lines, Volume, Smooth, Curl, Fix, Texture, Gloss, Heat Protect and Refresh, of which the latter two are news in the Keunes range. The products in Keune Style are designed to be easy to use for both hairdresser and consumer. Each package is marked with a number between 1-10, which refers to the chart and gloss factor - 1 stands for low stiffness or gloss and 10 means maximum stiffness or gloss.

In connection with the new launch, several of the products have also received a new fragrance, with elements of among others ambra. All products in Style contain a UV filter to protect the hair from the sun's harmful rays.

As a first step, Prep offers nine products to prepare the hair for styling. All products in Prep have a new strong heat protection and three of the products have extra strong protection that protects the hair from heat up to 230 degrees. Shape includes ten design products with both glossy and matt effect. Finish stands for the final step in a routine and includes 12 products that fix the hairstyle and add extra shine or texture.

The two new supplements Heat Protect and Refresh are series of products to protect the hair from heat and freshen up. Style is available as of January 2019 at selected hairdressing salons around the country and online. REFRESH: Style Dry Paste: SEK 189, 75 ml. Style Dry Shampoo: SEK 189, 200 ml. Style Dry Conditioner: SEK 189, 200 ml. Style Dry Texturizer: SEK 79, 75 ml / 189 SEK, 200 ml. HEAT PROTECT: Style Blowout Gelée: 189 SEK, 200 ml. Style Instant Blowout: SEK 189, 200 ml. Style Hot Iron Spray: SEK 189, 200 ml.


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