3 Simple Ways To Make Your Beauty Regime More Sustainable

By Yasmine Mubarak
Illustration by Lisa Stenlid

We have found new cool gadgets that we just wanted to share, three easy steps to a more sustainable beauty regime without compromising quality.

        1. Reusable pads

It takes around 20,000 liters of water to create 1kg of cotton, later to be used for the production of, for example, cotton pads. But 2021 can become the year many of us switch - or at least start looking for eco-friendly cotton pads to reduce our green footprint. But honestly, to have reusable pads, you will (probably) never again stand in front of the mirror, with your toner - realizing you forgot to buy new face pads. They are not only more sustainable, but sometimes more sensitive to our skin. There are many different brands, one of them -  LastRounds. Their reusable pads come in a chic package and are the same size as the classic cotton pads, but can instead last around 1000 washes. 
Not to mention, there are also many cleansing cloths that remove makeup without having to use water or soap, which are more like small towels- for example, the U.K-based Magnitone’s Wipeout cleansing is one of them - which are smart for also sensitive skin.

        2. Bars

Bars are not only great for packaging purposes containing less plastic. But one shampoo bar by for instance the french brand Odacitè - actually contains as much product as three plastic bottles, and can be used between 60-80 washes. It’s not only good for the planet but also a pretty smart choice for our consumption. Their 552M Shampoo Bar is rich in Coconut Oil, Cupuçu Butter, and Argon & Castor Oil, a mix of natural ingredients for smooth hair. Bars also contain less water, making more room for ingredients to flourish. You can also find bars in face wash, The Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Facial Soap is a great face wash to purify and cleanse your skin.

        3. Refillable products

Something we have noticed is that more and more products within skincare, especially face creams, are switching to refillable designs. The latest headline was when Pharell Williams created his new skincare line HumanRace, where all products are refillable. But HumanRace is not the first brand with refillable options, classics such as Eucerin’s oil cleanser - great for sensitive and dry skin. Not to mention, L'Occitane skincare refills are a great option if you adore their classic scents. Both of these you can even pour in a used glass jar you have at home, so you don’t even need to buy the plastic bottle in the first place.

In the makeup and fragrance section changes are being made as well, Dior recently released refillable versions of its Rouge Dior lipstick, not to mention Yves Saint Laurent have numerous refills in their makeup section and also their Rouge Crem recharge day cream refill. Louis Vuitton is continuing the opportunity for customers to refill their favorite fragrances in a bottle they already own.

These are three small changes you can make, if you have the opportunity to - for a more sustainable beauty regime.


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