Emma S. Purifying Mud Mask

Written by Susan Stjernberger

Yes, non-hardening mud masks do exist!

I had a conversation with Emma Wiklund, the co-founder of Emma S. about her brand and her new product, a first for her skincare line called Emma S. Purifying Mud Mask.

Mud masks usually tend to dry out too much so I wanted to create a product that hydrates and purifies without turning your skin into the Sahara desert, “ explained Emma laughingly as I was hanging on her every word taking notes.

Well, I completely understood what she meant because all the mud masks I have tried have dried up and cracked on my skin. So of course, I had to test this. First off,  I love the packaging, it’s their only green-colored mask and tube. As Emma described, it didn’t dry up and harden but actually stayed soft. I felt a little tightening of my skin which actually felt good and was definitely welcoming. I almost didn’t want to wash off the mask but then… there was the afterglow. I was bummed I didn’t have a party to go to that night! I have to remember once this COVID mess is over this will be my “pre-party give me my glow mask”.

This purifying mud mask does its job in 10 minutes. The active ingredients Kaolin Clay and the Bamboo Charcoal clean and extract impurities by also removing dead skin cells.

Emma also instructed to apply the mask evenly on clean dry skin. And, if you have oily skin use this mask 2x a week otherwise once a week should be enough.

Available on emmas.com

Watch my conversation with Emma on my @styleinscandinavia IGTV


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