Recipe for Men’s Facial Moisturizer+

Recipe for Men was founded by three guys that had ‘’a penchant for the ski slopes and an active lifestyle’’. The three were skiing countless hours, sweating and being in the center of wind, snow and cold. Which, as we all understand, can cause skin irritation. With this experience, they took inspiration from swedish winter and created products that would focus on specific skin concerns - and have done this since 2004. Their range includes for example Anti-Shine, moisturizer for oily-skin, and our focus today - the Facial Moisturizer+.

The Facial Moisturizer+ is a hydration cream designed especially for male skin. How, can we ask? Since we belivie skincare is unisex. The answer we found is that it includes mainly ingredients focused on not only hydration, but to fit skin that can be irritated from shaving. With the key ingredient of Allantoin, an anti-irritating, soothing ingredient that helps fight redness and razor burn. Not to mention, aids in the healing of damaged skin by stimulating new tissue growth.

Another favorite ingredient that caught my eye is shea butter, an ingredient that is very moisturizing and protects the skin. Other ingredients are aloe vera, olive extract, Vitamin E and Black tea that protects the skin and fights free radicals. Followed by Calendula which also helps fight redness and razor burn. Lastly, Centella asiatica - a herb which is said can only be found in Madagascar. The herb is said to strengthen capillaries and veins by repairing damaged connective tissue surrounding them. The ingredients list is impressive, and the product actually does the work of hydrating and limiting irritation on the skin.

A tip is to use the Facial Moisturizer+ after shaving and/or whenever your skin feels dry (morning and night). Massage onto a clean and dry face.

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