For the new year, let's try to find the gadgets that can help us increase our wellness and mind for the new year to come. Since, sometimes we need that extra push to increase our everyday lives. The first one, the PowerDote.

Therabody, is the global leader in tech wellness, a brand that is mainly known in the U.S for their PowerDot and Theragun - seen being used by various of Nike trainers and wellness profiles. It's a tool used by the proffesionals who wish to stimulate their muscles - but now also for everyday use. Now the brand have announced the launch of the Period Pain Relief Program for their beloved product PowerDot - a modality that uses tens stimulation to decrease the intense pain and discomfort people experience during the premenstrual phase and/or ovulation phase of their period.

While the PowerDotes are first created and used to stimilute your muscles after or prior to excersie - for exampel legs, arms, back. Not to mention, a common product used during rehabilitation. Therabody have created a product to help stimulate the muscles around period pain. Important to highlight is that everyone's period pain is radically different, we are not all the same and don't have the same pain. But Therabody hopes to help and empower. 

PowerDot is a smart electrical stimulation device that relieves pain and aids muscle recovery. The device stimulates the sensory and motor nerves to temporarily relieve pain and creates a muscle contraction by sending an electrical current through the nervous system.

The product speciallises for pain relief, can be found in the PowerDote app for you who already have the product. Research that dates back more than 30 years shows that the use of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation,


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