Swedish Hasbeens introduces their new Pre-Autumn 2023 collection and relaunching the iconic cut-out star pattern made out of Italian leather. The pattern can for the first time be found on several models, slip- ins, sandals and boots, in a crispy white color and a toasty brown tone. With the Pre-Autumn collection, Swedish Hasbeens wants to inspire with Swedish craftsmanship and a sheer romantic touch.

Back in 2013, the founder and designer Emy Blixt launched around in her living room admiring her old vintage bargain, a designer pouf with a star pattern from the 60s. As the true shoe-enthusiast she is, her initial thought was to make it into a shoe. The Lacy sandal was born and became a successful story and sold thousands of pairs in United States. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker quickly made the shoe her favorite.

The cut-out romantic pattern on the Lacy Sandal gives a fine craftsmanship feeling together with the genuine and naturally tanned leather. The pattern has now taken its place in the Pre-Autumn collection and can be found for the first time on several models, both on slip ins, sandals and boots.With the Pre-Autumn collection, Swedish Hasbeens wants to inspire with Swedish craftsmanship and sheer romantic escapism.

The story of Swedish Hasbeens begins in 2006 when Emy discovered an old warehouse full of original clogs from the 70s. She gets a strong sense that the world is ready for a new fashionable version of the iconic Swedish clog. She decides to buy 300 pairs of clogs and takes them back to Stockholm for sale. Her friends and family became her best buyers and shortly afterwards the shoes were out of stock. Later that spring Emy and childhood friend, Cilla Wingård Neuman founded Swedish Hasbeens and started producing new clogs according their own design in an old factory in south of Sweden, Småland. The brand flourished internationally, with its greatest market in the U.S.

Swedish Hasbeens are available for purchase at www.swedishhasbeens.com and in their store located in Gamla Stan in Stockholm. The shoes are also available at retailers worldwide, such as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie etc. 


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