Designer Clara von Zweigbergk is collaborating with headwear brand Stiksen for a new, colorful collection that is perfect for the summer.

The capsule collection consists of four hats made from unique fabrics designed by Patricia Urquiola. Each of the caps has an elastic band of a contrasting color on it, adding to the playfulness of the designs. Two styles, the Black and Yellow cap, even have a red lip crochet design that was handcrafted by the CvZ studio in Stockholm. The collection also consists of a green and a light blue cap.

Stiksen is a headwear brand based out of Stockholm that is known for its sustainability, craftsmanship and simplistic designs. While Zweigbergk uses lots of colors in her designs, the simplicity of them enables a smooth collaboration between the two brands.

Zweigbergk is a visual artist who went on to design and collaborate with multiple brands, including HAY and Nike. She has gained numerous awards and recognition for her artistic creations.

These limited edition, eye-catching designs are available starting June 21.


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