The Sahco 2024 collection blends wild and calm, merging classic motifs with a modern twist, reflecting its European heritage. Under Creative Director Bengt Thornefors, the collection takes a radical approach, infusing sensuality into Maison while drawing inspiration from fashion and art.

This modern continuation of Sahco's 200-year legacy embraces Nordic neoclassicism, combining grandeur with a restrained elegance. The beloved tropics return with playful touches, emphasizing quality and sustainability.

Inspired by “Neoclassicism in the North,” the collection transforms classical motifs, creating a new context that resonates with people. The palette draws from the Nordic landscape, featuring colors like pine, bear brown, glacier blue, and accents of picnic red, apple green, evening pink, and citrine yellow.

Thornefors describes the collection as a “wild bouquet,” showcasing the diverse patterns, colors, and textures that, when combined, elevate the textiles into something more profound. Sahco's ambition is not just novelty but greatness, creating products with a purpose and longevity for future generations.