Book an armchair for your next visit at Tweed to ensure a place at the time you desire.

Tweed is an utterly comfortable bar. Inside the dining rooms of their gastronomic quarter lies their cosy drink oasis like a heavily padded inner pocket. In this tweed-dressed comfort lounge, one can sink into well-upholstered Chesterfield armchairs and indulge in a moment (or a whole evening) of alcohol romance. Here, you are always welcome to drop in for a glass or two, but the armchairs are also bookable so with a little preparation, you can always be sure to have a supremely comfortable chair and a moment ahead of you. In other words, you can book seats for all drink-oriented occasions.

Comfort is a watchword at Tweed, and they hope to offer you the most comfortable of pre-drinks, facilitate that meeting that requires better liquid inspiration, be there and provide support for the social drinking gathering, or simply be a comfortable oasis in the infinitely delightful late-night revelry. Remember, it's always twice as good to drink with comfort.


There’s nothing to see here.