To celebrate summer 2024, Louis Vuitton takes the pulse of Paris sports in an exclusive special edition of its City Guide Paris.

The family’s passion for motor racing, an historic partnership with the America’s Cup, Virgil Abloh’s bestselling sneakers, bags crafted for the planet’s greatest athletes: Maison Louis Vuitton has always nurtured close ties with sports and athletes. Chosen as host city for the 2024 Olympics, Paris – already adjusting to an onslaught of new sports and social practices – is becoming more open and reinventing itself a bit more every day. Paris is becoming more active, testing its limits, getting warmed up. The Louis Vuitton City Guide therefore wished to examine the different faces
of Paris’ sporting life and publish a special edition of its City Guide Paris, entirely devoted to sports practices in France’s capital. Each neighbourhood has its own athletic culture, its favourite disciplines,
its great local figures, its gear preferences. This new edition is filled with carefully curated listings, deep dives into the history and culture of sports in Paris, practical information and profiles of local figures. The morphotype of the Parisian athlete thus takes shape: the leanness, the ligaments, the deep muscles warmed up and twitching for action. Disciplined, dedicated athletes who love the great outdoors and the tarmac, armchair athletes thirsting for sports history and Olympic epics, sportswear champions – readers of every ilk will find a sneaker that fits: the best playgrounds and premises for exercising, accessorising, dipping into sports culture, getting back into shape. The most marvellous and moving stories of Olympic spirit from the Games’ origins to present day. As well as exclusive, in-depth coverage – with illustrations and photos – showcasing a variety of sports practices and their Parisian disciples. In this volume, all needs are given their due, all sports practices are given their time in the spotlight. This new guide traces the changing contours of today’s urban sports practice and culture.

- Hardcover, 139x209mm

- 184 pages

- Retail price: €20

- Languages: French and English

- Available in Louis Vuitton stores, on and through select booksellers

- Publication date: 14 June 2024