Christine is a Swiss fashion photographer based in London. Having lived, studied and worked in Ireland, Switzerland, Italy and the UK has left her enriched with a flair for cultures that stimulates the creativity and personality of her work. She speaks four languages fluently, German, English, French and Italian. 

She finds beauty wherever she aims her lens. Whether they're candid portraits or high-fashion editorials, her images are shot with the belief that every face tells a story, and every figure is an instrument of creativity. But what is equally as valuable as Christine's visual talents is her exceptional ability to elicit confidence and unabashed character from whomever she focuses on.

Her academic background comprises a BA degree in Art History and English Literature from the University of Berne (CH) and a degree in Photography from LCC (London College of Communication) and an MA in Fashion Photography from LCF (London College of Fashion). 

She has shot campaigns for labels such as SteinRohner, Catherine Wales, Aetheree, Volpone, It's Lauber, PAMB as well as published work in various international Editions of Harpers Bazaar, Madame Figaro, Tatler, Marie Claire, ELLE, L'Officiel, One Magazine, Fault magazine, Noctis, Guise, 1883 Magazine, Evening Standard, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and many others.

Currently she lives and works between Berlin & London as well as internationally.