When Cil, short for Priscilla, was a little girl she loved to draw, so when the time came to choose her education of course she wanted to go to Art-school.
That was in 1995, but instead of choosing Illustration, she decided to study Graphic Design.
During this study at the School of fine Arts, Contantijn Huygens in Kampen, she got to learn many disciplines and techniques for the first time, like woodcutting and photography.
After graduation in 2000 she worked as a graphic designer for a jeans company for a year, 
but I had trouble working in an office full-time, and quit her job.
In 2006 she studied photography in the School of fine arts in The Hague for a year.
She started photographing portraits of people and combining these portraits with details of photos she shot in the streets, traces of other people leaving their mark: a sticker on a light pillar, history in buildings but also fabrics, flowers, colors, anything. Creating mixed media images.
In 2009 things changed. A friend asked her if she wanted to create something for a glass wall for his new restaurant he opened in Amsterdam. Because she wanted to create something different, no photography or mixed media, this was the first moment she started using the drawing technique and combining this with the photography layers and structures in the design. 
Since then she continued to draw and paint.
Her drawings and paintings are filled with graphic patterns, the structures in the hairs conflict in directions although the total flow is a group, in their uncovered skins the females don’t seem to notice the viewer, and when they look at us masks or fabric covers them.
She creates her paintings by sketching with graphite and then create outlines from these drawings.
She prefers to draw on wood, a material that gives her work a traditional feel.
The choice of wood also makes it a precise and time-consuming job, because the wood has a natural grain that makes it necessary for her to use a very thin pen.