Ruben Tomas is a spanish photographer and actor based in Brussels.

Starting his career as an actor, Ruben Tomas turned behind the camera to become photographer some time after he moved to Belgium on an impulse and decided to take up a new challenge.

Through his earlier career, he taught himself the basics of photography while shooting portraits of friends.
Ruben Tomas captures and absorbs all that he loves, cinema, modern art, and contemporary dance, capturing moments that are by, their nature, fleeting and elusive.

His work immediately recognisable consistently reflects a strong sense of composition, styling and beauty coupled with a flair of elusive mystery drawn out through his ability to connect with his models and subjects.

His editorials are published in international publications such as Wylde Magazine and other online supports as The Fashionisto, The Ones2Watch, Fucking Young,
Recto Verso , Odalisque…..