Viktor Flumé's constant drive has taken him all over the world. First as a renowned model, working for global magazines such as Vogue & Arena, gathering the valuable and irreplaceable experience the fashion industry craves.

After several years in front of the camera Viktor settled down in Stockholm. Inspired and led by the swedish photographer Christian Coinbergh he learned the magic of photography from scratch.

He exceeded to become the head assistant to the well-renowned fashion photographer Camilla Åkrans while her work was created for Italian Vogue, China Vogue, Nippon Vogue, Numéro and Harpers Bazaar to name a few. These years of assisting on such a high level resulted in Viktor evolving in to becoming a one of a kind artist proudly representing his own contemporary and documentary style of photography.

Viktor has already landed a strong and loyal client base such as major companies like H&M, Adidas & Maybelline. Magazines like Rodeo, BON, Contributor, Wonderland, ICON and Scandinavia SSAW are a few of many places you will find Viktor's editorial work.

The combination of Viktor Flumé's sincere interest in people and characters, capturing them with passion and a sharp eye, along with documenting the contemporary fashion scene is one of the main reasons clients are expressing a high demand in Viktor Flumé.