Odalisque offers its readers contemporary, style-savvy photography and literature from internationally celebrated artists. The magazine is an effervescent platform where art and fashion meet. Essentially, the print issue provides visual aesthetics that cater to the fashion elite while continuing to include the market preferred. Odalisque is a must-have publication for today’s cultural woman and man.

On the Web, Odalisque Magazine has shown a distinguished focus on photography, working with international artists including Sky Parrot, Joseph Cultice, Romeo Mori, Jasmin Storch, Owen Bruce, Waldemar Hansson, Patrik Andersson, Jesper Brandt, Ellen Rogers and Marie-Fleur Charlesworth among many others.

The Web edition has also featured interviews with Rankin, Ann-Sofie Back, Charlie Middleton, Carin Rodebjer, Godfrey Davis and Betony Vernon. Tokyo-based Jörgen Axelvall, winner of the Vogue New Exposure 2013 Photography Competition, has been a regular contributor since Odalisque’s launch in 2012 and recently joined the Odalisque team as Tokyo Liaison Editor.

Odalisque Magazine also covers fashion week events around the world, working with selected photographers to capture the experience of backstage areas from Stockholm, New York, London and Paris for its international audience.


The fifth issue of Odalïsque Magazine aka OD.M includes editorials and features that focus on what is really important all over the world. It is about uniting, staying on track, speaking out, focusing and being disciplined; pushing ourselves and supporting one another whilst maintaining positive creative energy.

“Tokyo x 2” in this issue is a powerful section highlighting multidisciplinary Japanese artists. Young artist, Masaho Anotani, whose complex collage compositions are made almost entirely by hand, is interviewed alongside an inspirational editorial. Another feature is an interview with the well-known and award-winning photographer Eikoh Hosoe.

Other interviews feature style icons such as; Kimberly Wesson, American co-funder of 1.61 clothing brand; Lina Aastrup, Swedish based designer from the brand Hyde’s Spectacles; Massimo Giorgetti, fashion designer and creative director for his very own brand, MSGM; Swedish-American singer-songwritter Rhys and Swedish-Scottish singer-songwriter Anikid.

Readers discover a iconic portraits of one of the world’s most coveted fashion photographers Patrick Demarchelier. The fifth issue features Swedish electropop duo Icona Pop in an interview accompanied by an editorial shot and produced by the Editor-­in-­Chief of OD.M.

OD.M also contains several spreads dedicated to Art. Lovingly created “Art Pauses”, they give the magazine a unique flow, encouraging the reader to breathe and think whilst browsing through the paper. This issue’s artists include work by Yoko Ashikawa, Teitur Ardal, Jeff Olsson, Eikoh Hosoe, Idun Baltzersen and Jenny Källman.


The fourth issue of OD.M, inspired by the theme ”The Purple Cloud” includes editorials and features from all over the world. Internationally celebrated designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua of N°21 is interviewed alongside an inspirational editorial, produced and written in Milan, exclusively for OD.M. Another feature is an interview with head of design, Anna Teurnell of Finnish design house Marimekko, also alongside an editorial shot and styled by the Editors­ in ­Chief.

Readers meet London based set­designer Janina Pedan in an interview accompanied by a visual selection of her work with different photographers.

Other interviews features style icons; The Quann Sisters, celebrated Stockholm based actress Pernilla August and musician Amanda Bergman. In this issue, a small piece about very current photographer Bettina Rheims, that coincides with her current exhibition at the Fotografiska (Photography Museum of Sweden).

Tokyo × 3 is an ongoing feature highlighting Tokyo­based artists working within fashion and arts. The fourth issue features designer Kunihiko Morinaga, it­girl Yuki and painter Yasushi Ebihara in quick Q&A’s accompanied with portraits taken by the OD.M Tokyo Editor, Jörgen Axelvall.

OD.M also contains several spreads dedicated to Art. Lovingly created “Art Pauses”, they give the magazine a unique flow, encouraging the reader to breathe and think whilst browsing through the paper. This issue’s art pauses include work by David Shrigley, Moley Talhaoui, Neil Krug, Åke E:son Lindman and Jan Håfström.


The third issue of Odalisque, inspired by the theme ”Der Blaue Reiter” (The Blue Rider), features words and photos from London-based photographer and screenwriter Charlotte Colbert, whose image “Odyssey #1” can also be seen in one of the four different covers to this issue. Dutch designer Jessy Heuvelink discusses his passion project “JH Nocturnal” in another feature. The Danish design duo behind Copenhagen-based Baum und Pferdgarten discuss the sources of their inspiration. Beauty and fashion editorials also flow through the colorful issue, interweaved with short interviews with smart and inspirational creators. Tokyo × 3 is an ongoing feature highlighting Tokyo-based artists working within fashion and arts. The third issue explores the unique experiences of designer Arashi Yangawa, model Mona Matsuoki and painter Sayori Wada. The magazine also contains a dozen spreads dedicated to Art. Lovingly created “art pauses”, they give the magazine a unique flow, encouraging the reader to breathe and think whilst browsing through the paper. This issue’s art pauses include work by Tim Etchells, Ragnar Persson and Jacob Felländer.


The second paper issue of Odalïsque M features interviews with internationally renowned photographers, illustrators, musicians and fashion designers. A visit to Copenhagen with Danish designer Henrik Vibskov offers an intimate look into his avant-garde minimalistic style. London-based, multi-talented artist Wendy Bevan created a series of self-portraits using analog photography exclusively for the issue and also reveals some surprising sources of inspiration. An interview and editorial with Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato that is part of the “Tokyo section”, an ongoing feature that will continue to grow in upcoming issues.

Odalïsque M. 2, the “Scarlet” issue, also features four different covers. One cover hosts the piece “Black Jesus” by Andres Serrano, who is also featured in an interview and editorial piece. Davide Lovatti provides a second cover featuring work from his striking series, “The Red Birds”. Stunning Swedish-Australian pop duo Say Lou Lou provides the reader with a fascinating psychological portrait of the twin pop icons in a glamorous fashion spread and interview. As an additional special feature, a mini-magazine insert features Jesper Waldersten, one of Sweden’s most popular illustrators and artists.


The first issue features interviews with such industry role models as photographer Sarah Moon, singer Shirley Manson, designers Bea Szenfeld, Limi Yamamoto and Jun Takahashi, hair stylist Kamo and painter Mark Demsteader. Philip Warkander, the first-ever PhD “Doctor of Fashion”, is also a featured contributor in both print and Web editions. The print edition includes 216 pages of carefully selected 2:1 balanced matte and glossy paper.

Odalisque’s Art Directors have given top priority to the quality and feeling of the first issue, creating a minimalistic graphic language that is woven throughout the entire magazine to reward the reader with a unique visual experience.


There’s nothing to see here.





There’s nothing to see here.