• CHANEL - Dakar 2022/23 Métiers d'art show - Why Dakar?

    Written by Fashion Tales

    The choice of Dakar to present the CHANEL 2022/23 Métiers d'art collection on December 6th, 2022,
    is the result of meetings three years ago with friends of the House who have lived there,
    who are carrying out artistic projects there, who are planning to do so, or who are simply interested in its creative effervescence.

    Dakar is an influential artistic capital on the international scene, especially in all the fields that are dear to us such as fashion, cinema, dance, literature, contemporary art, and music.

    Going to Dakar means engaging in a dialogue with the country that welcomes us. The honour bestowed upon us must go hand in hand with concrete actions in terms of creative dialogue, transmission of know-how and sustainable development.

    More than a fashion show, this event will be part of a three-day programme, on December 5th, 6th and 7th, 2022. It will be designed for guests, whether they are artists, designers, personalities from the world of culture, students, lovers of art and crafts, journalists or fashion editors, mainly from Dakar and Senegal.

    In order to pay tribute to this artistic stronghold, it seems essential to us to have a long-term approach. The choice of venue for the show is part of this goal: in our own way, we will contribute to the renovation of the former Palais de Justice.

    In January 2023, la Galerie du 19M will come to Dakar for several months to launch, with the support of IFAN (Institut fondamental d’Afrique noire), exchanges and creative dialogues with Senegalese personalities, celebrating the richness and diversity of the embroidery and weaving trades in a programme that is free and open to all. The aim of this programme is to promote the transmission of know-how and to encourage vocations among the general public, schoolchildren, students, families and craft lovers. Between contemporary creation and traditional know-how, the new collaborations will be exhibited in a second time in la Galerie du 19M, Porte d'Aubervilliers, in the Greater Paris area.

    These projects will only be truly meaningful if there is also a longer-term contribution to society and the local environment beyond the show. To ensure this is the case, CHANEL intends to create a positive lasting impact by co-developing and supporting several entrepreneurial initiatives with Senegalese organisations and experts. These will focus on the key areas of transmission of savoir-faire, responsible and regenerative agricultural practices for raw materials and circularity.

    In all its dimensions, this event, which we invite you to join, is the starting point of an ongoing exchange between CHANEL and Senegal.

    Images by Malick Bodian with Ibrahim Kamara

    Copyright CHANEL

  • photography Sandra Myhrberg

    fashion Ulrika Lindqvist

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    An Interview With Esther

    Written by Alicia Hurst by Sandra Myhrberg

    Esther is an emerging popstar hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. She made her debut on the music scene in 2019 and recently released her second album “Wander” featuring four hypnotizing tracks. The young star was born and raised in a musical household, with instruments practically decorating her house, influencing her tastes in music life and guiding her through life. Her enigmatic personality and eclectic use of musical instruments such as the vibraphone have captivated audiences and allowed her to tour with global superstars such as Lykke Li. Esther’s talent is both a nod to the past with her eyes and ears set on the future. Keep an eye and ear out for Esther as she embarks on her musical journey. 

    Please tell us about how you started as a musician and Singer? 
    I’ve always had music in my life, my dad is a musician so there’s always been instruments in every corner of our house. I started off playing the piano and then later took on drums as well, eventually combining the two and starting to play mallet instruments - which I now consider my main instrument. It’s essentially a piano you hit with mallets.
    I never really considered singing before I was put on the spot at a music festival in Copenhagen 2017. I was there playing vibraphone with a couple of people from the company teenage engineering who were showing off some synthesizers. The music was all improvised and eventually they put up a microphone in front of me and told me to ”play and sing!”. When I did, the rest of them stopped playing and I got to end our set all by myself. That was the first time I ever sang and played vibraphone at the same time.
    You play the vibraphone, tell us about that instrument? 
    Like I said before, the vibraphone works pretty much like a piano in terms of where the notes are except you hit it with ”mallets” instead of your fingers. I hold two mallets in each hand which limits me to play four notes at a time.
    Usually it’s made of metal, but the one I play is actually electronic which makes it easy for me to manipulate or completely change the sound I use. I think it fits really well with my music! It’s also really fun to play, haha.
    What is your inspiration for your new ep “wander”?  And your music in general?
    People and feelings have always inspired me. I’m very inspired by all of the people I work with because they’re really talented and come up with things I wouldn’t (hopefully it’s vice versa as well).
    And I find it really inspiring to try and find something beautiful in a difficult emotion. Maybe it hurts to break up, but it might have been beautiful that it got to be at all?
    You just spent time in Los Angeles, what brought you there?
    This fall I’ve had a really cool opportunity to play in the band with Lykke Li on her recent tour in the States and Europe - so that’s why I was there. 
    How do you like to incorporate style and fashion into your artist persona? 
    It’s actually something I’m still trying to figure out. I have a good sense of what I feel comfortable in and what I like, but I also have an urge to be braver and try more clothes that are a little bit more outside of my box.  
    It’s important for me to feel cool when I’m on stage, I don’t want to feel vulnerable so I’m taking it one step at a time. There’s also the aspect that I have to be able to play in the clothes I wear. I move around quite a bit and I know the sleeves can’t be too long since my mallets tend to get stuck inside them. I just recently started wearing heels when I play, haha. 
    In this story the stylist gave you a baseball bat as a prop and you told us that you actually played baseball when you were younger? Please tell us more about that? 
    I did! It’s really weird since most people don’t even know there are teams in Sweden. I started playing in middle school because me and my friend said we wanted to start playing together, but then he ended up bailing so I had to go by myself. I think it’s a great sport and ended up playing for probably three years. Go sports!
    What are your plans for the future? 
    Right now I’m working on new music that I’m really excited about. I think that’s my only plan for the future - to keep on going and saying yes to everything that I want to do, see how far it gets me! I don’t like making really big plans far ahead, because I think it can build up the pressure you put on yourself and we get enough of that already. I just ”trust the process” and try to have fun I guess.
    You often write songs about relationships, How come?
    I think it’s just because you feel very complex things in relationships with others, whether that be a friendship or a romantic relationship. Putting it into words and trying to explain it has been the best way for me to understand what the feeling is about. And it’s really rewarding. I really appreciate being able to feel all those emotions, even if they’re sad, because it gives you a sense of meaning. 
    Tell us a fun fact about yourself!
    I love puzzles! I pretty much always have a Rubiks Cube in my bag.

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    dress Samsoe Samsoe
    socks Minna Palmqvist
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    jacket Remake
    top Uniqlo and Marni
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    jacket & skirt Baum und Pferdgarten
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  • The Odalisque Magazine Editors' Wishlist for the Holidays

    Written by Yasmine

    Holdays are soon upon us and the editors of Odalisque Magazine have gathered some pieces they hope will be under the tree. See what we wish for a stylish Christmas, and perhaps even get inpsired. 

    Ulrika Lindqvist, Fashion Editor

    1. GANT Monogram Coat I love this coat from Gants fw22 collection. It makes me think of Patrizia Gucci in the Alps which is the only way I want to dress this winter. I love the pattern and color. Please Santa put this under the tree!

    2.  Rodebjer Akanda Knitted Dress After a few years spending the holiday without all the glitz and glam I want to celebrate wearing this wonderful dress from Rodebjer. Festive yet understated, and I will love it for years to come. 

    3. Lampett svenskt tenn I've been on a hunt for the perfect sconce for years. Searching both auction sites as well as newly produced ones I have finally found it at Svenskt Tenn. This one is designed by Josef Frank in the 1940's it would look amazing in my 1936 apartment,

    Jahwanna Berglund, Fashion Director

    For this Christmas, I have 3 wishes for Santa to leave under the Christmas three.

    1. Ole Lynggard, Leaves Forest Ring: One of my personal favorite jewelry brand for everyday and special occasions is Ole Lynggaard and this Forest ring in gold with diamonds lives rent free in my mind.

    2. Sophie Billie Brahe Cloud Box: The older I get the more practical I get and wats worst than not know where you put your dearest jewelry? This cute cloud jewelry box from Sophie Bille Brahe will keep your dearest belongings safe or why not just as an interior detail?

    3. .Apollo Celestial Globe, Hermès: I'm all in to interior for my Paris apartment and I always dreamt about space and would love to go one day, but until then I will dream about this Apollo celestial globe from Hermès.

    Yasmine Mubarak, Digital Feature Editor

    I am longing for winter adventures in the Arctic region, so my wishlist is occupied by pieces for the coldest climate. And as a minimalist by heart, it’s all functionality for me.                                                                                                                1. Woolrich, Waterproof Cayuta Parka in GORE-TEX Searching for a good winterjacket, I found a few, one of them is this Parka that seems to keep you warm and stylish – so I can spend less time worrying about the cold and more time creating new memories. Not to mention, what caught my attention was Polygiene ViralOff® technology that guarantees to kill over 99% of viruses in a two-hour time span. WOW

    2. Tretorn Aspa Hybrid Waterproof Boot With these boots – I think I am set for my nature expeditions. The shoe is not only stylish but waterproof, and perfect for both city walks, and the artics. It's also supposed to be really warm, with the sturdy high sole and heel collar (and reflections!). 

    3. Brixtol Textiles Joan jett padded Jacket  The waxed jacket is manufactured in the city of Birmingham. The fabric is water-repellent thanks to its traditionally waxed surface (YEY).  I love that it's longer than the classic padded jacket,  to make sure you keep yourself warm and has a high collar to keep the wind away.

     4. Xlash Eye Patches  I needed to squeeze one beauty product on the wishlist, and as I am on the hunt for the best eye and sheet masks - one product I found is the Rejuvenating Eye Gels, that's supposed to be very hydrating!