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    Raven Numan: The Alt Pop Enigma with a Dark Aesthetic and a Surprising Pop Influence!

    Written by Josie McNeill by Sandra Myhrberg

    The Instagram of alt pop singer-songwriter Raven Numan is full of red and black aesthetic pics–they would fit perfectly into a Pinterest mood board for cool vampires and modern goths. Raven’s vibe in real life matches the same vision (she has jet black, straight hair), and so does the deeply personal and industrial-inspired pop songs she produces.
    Currently, Raven has three songs released on Spotify–”My Reflection,” “Here For Me,” and “Going Down.” Each track touches on Raven’s personal struggles with mental health and self image–dark themes fitting for the alt style of the Raven Numan we see online and in person.
    So, listeners may be surprised to hear that Raven’s biggest influence in pursuing a career in music was Katy Perry–a bubblegum pop singer known for her whimsical and colorful style.
    Odalisque sat down with Raven to talk about this surprising music influence of hers, the impact of her father Gary Numan (frontman of the band Tubeway Army) on her sound, and the importance of being candid through songwriting.

    Why did you decide to pursue a music career?
    I grew up around it with my dad, I wasn't really interested when I was a kid. I was like “this is boring, blah blah blah”. And then I watched this Katy Perry documentary back in 2013, when I was 9, and I just fell in love with her whole vibe. I loved the arenas and all the huge venues that she was playing in. I just loved the music and I was like “I want to do that”. So I'd say Katy Perry got me into this whole music thing. Surprising but It wasn't my dad, it was Katy.

    I know you just talked about Katy Perry’s influence, but your music combines the new wave sound of your dad, Gary Numan’s, music and modern pop music, so I was wondering how you found a balance between these influences to craft your own sound?
    I grew up around that whole [new wave, industrial genre] so it obviously has a huge influence on me. My parents were always into Nine Inch Nails, and ever since I was little, I really loved them too. They're super dark and industrial, so I’ve just grown up around that type of music. Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Depeche Mode–my dad. So this music was just ingrained into my brain. As I grew older, passed the Katy Perry and Ariana Grande pop phase that I was in for a very long time, I realized that industrial/dark wave music was the type of music that I wanted to write. It captivated me.

    You released your most recent track “Going Down” at the beginning of May. What inspired that track and how did it all come together?
    All of my songs are quite dark because I can only write music when I'm not feeling good or when I'm depressed or when something really upsetting is going on. That’s literally the only time I can write, it's really annoying. I wrote “Going Down” a couple of years ago when I had recently been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I was really, really struggling because nothing made sense to me. I was really depressed. I was really angry. I had these crazy mood swings which ended up hurting a lot of the people around me. I was very suicidal. And I was like, “I can't talk about any of this. I can't talk about my feelings, but I can write them down.” I remember going to my room–it was right after a Billie Eilish concert actually–I just sat down, and I was so angry, I was writing down everything that I wanted and needed to get out of my head. Then I went to my laptop and plugged in my keyboard and just started recording these super eerie, sad and aggressive chords. I started singing everything that I had written down, and it just formed into a song. Basically, Going Down is about my experience trying to cope with the whole borderline [personality disorder] issue so I could show my family and friends how I was feeling.

    You’ve spoken a lot about how you hope, if people do relate to “Going Down”, that it makes them feel less alone. Does music serve this same purpose in your own life?
    Yes. 100,000,000%. Without music. I don't even know man, it’s helped me so much. Within the past five years, the person who has helped me through difficult times the most is Lana Del Rey for sure. When I’m feeling down, there are certain songs I’ll put on that will immediately calm me down. I’m not alone–there's other people out there that can relate to how I'm feeling. So yes, music has helped so much.

    You said you wrote “Going Down” a couple years ago. Are all the songs written from a while back or are they more recent?
    No, actually the first one, “My reflection” was written in early 2021 when I was 17. I wrote “Here For Me” in 2020 kind of at the beginning of COVID when I was 16. And “Going Down” at 18. So 16, 17, 18.

    Why did you decide to release “My Reflection” first out of the three?
    Honestly, we just chose it. There was no big thing behind it. We were just like this one’s cool, let's do this one first.

    What was the experience of releasing music for the first time?
    Terrifying. I was so scared. But it was also really exciting. I think when we released “My Reflection”, because it was the very first one, I was like oh my god this is really scary because it's incredibly vulnerable. And the fact that other people were going to hear what I was going through was really, really intimidating to me. But it's also cool in a way because I know a lot of people can relate to body dysmorphia and feeling unhappy with themselves, so I felt less alone, If that makes sense. I got loads of people telling me that they loved it and that really helped them which was awesome to hear.

    How did it feel to first hear the song played on the radio?
    I cried. I screen recorded it and everything. I was so happy.

    Do you have a favorite memory from the recording process of your first song?
    I'd have to think about it because when we recorded it, it was just me and my producer Ade Fenton. I love him so much. He's amazing. But I don't really know. It was just a really fun experience. He's such a funny and amazing guy. I've known him my whole life. I was so scared of singing in front of people, but he made me feel so comfortable. If I could remember a specific memory, I would tell you, but there was so much going on. We recorded pretty much everything last year in March down in Brighton.

    Do you have any upcoming projects that you want to talk about?
    I can only give you the tiniest amount of information because I'm not sure how much I’m supposed to say, but I'm really excited for the future. Within the next couple of months, I'm flying to the UK for certain reasons, specifically to do with these next projects. I don't know how much of this I’m supposed to say, so I’m gonna keep my mouth shut before I talk too much. But I’m really, really, really excited about everything that’s coming up.

    Is there anything else you’d like to say about upcoming projects or future aspirations?
    I would like to tour eventually. I think that would be super sick. I would love to do that. Recently my label and I were talking about possibly supporting my dad on his UK tour which he just started so it’s too late for that haha. But it's all about trying to disconnect from him and start my own path. I’m only at the beginning.

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    Written by Jahwanna Berglund

    The history of Chanel and their fragrances dates all the way back to 1921. The first perfume of the house, Chanel N°5, has a renowned history and is beloved among many.

    This year it was time for the old love to get a transformation, not only in the shape of the bottle but with a more vibrant and energetic smell.
    For the first time the house leaves its traditional standing bottles and makes something that feels as good on your skin as in your hand.
    The limited edition DROP N°5 L'EAU evokes a sense of youthful eagerness in a distinct form.

    Imagine a sunny morning in a blooming garden, where the air is crisp and filled with the scent of freshly peeled citrus. The top notes of lemon, tangerine, and orange are like the first rays of sunlight, awakening your senses with their bright and lively aroma. As the day unfolds, the garden comes alive with the fragrance of flowers—roses in full bloom, delicate jasmine wafting through the air, and the exotic hint of ylang-ylang adding an unexpected twist. This floral symphony is modern and lively, capturing the essence of a youthful spirit ready to embrace every day with a joyful sense.

    As the day transitions into a serene afternoon, the base notes of vetiver and cedar wood emerge, grounding the fragrance with their earthy richness. The sweet musk adds a touch of warmth, like the gentle embrace of a loved one. Together, these notes create a sophisticated and lingering scent that stays with you, evoking a sense of confidence and fresh elegance.

    This perfume is a celebration of youth, freshness, and timeless beauty. It's the perfect companion for those who embrace life with a spirited and modern approach, appreciating the classic elegance of N°5 but seeking a contemporary and vibrant twist.

    Embark on this journey and let the unique blend of emotions in DROP N°5 L'EAU transform your perception, offering a fragrant glimpse into a world of self-discovery and anticipation.

    As the house describes it themself, “it's an object to take everywhere and it's a secret that's meant to be shared”.

    Discover this limited edition perfume here

  • Image: Mikael Dahl

    An interview with Blugiallo

    Written by Ulrika Lindqvist

    Swedish brand Blugiallo recently opened their Stockholm showroom, We took the two flights of stairs up to “Två Trappor”, the exquisitely designed home of the brand and asked co-founder Daniel Apler some questions about managing a made-to-order brand in a ready-wear world.

    Please tell me a bit of your backstory, I know you founded Blugiallo in Borås in 2016 but what had you done before that and what was the idea behind Blugiallo?
    I am born and raised in Sweden’s textile Silicon Valley, Borås. After business studies in Lund, which is the same period as when I first met Alexander, my co-founder, I worked as a business controller.
    Alexander and I shared a common interest in style and tailored suits but generally felt that the category was too traditional and inaccessible, lacking good digital solutions and the ability to fully express yourself. The idea for a business plan was born, and after a long dinner down in Bologna in 2015, the company Blugiallo was born – “blue and yellow” in Swedish. It also refers to another shared love we have - Italian football, where teams often have a color in their name. Blugiallo was incorporated as a company in Borås in 2016.

    You offer tailored pieces; how do you combine tailor made clothes with a world of fast fashion?
    It is a challenge, but our aim is to transform the fashion industry. With our custom made offering we want to encourage people to slow down their consumption pace, shop for clothes in a more conscious manner, and help individuals find their personal style.

    What are the steps of buying a Blugiallo piece?
    As a new customer to Blugiallo, you can either book an appointment for measurements at one of the company's physical showrooms or place an order online. If you order digitally, we have advanced data technology that can calculate the chest measurement, which is a vital part of tailoring, with 99.1 percent precision with a margin of error of +/- 1 cm.
    During a first visit to Blugiallo's showroom, your personal needs and preferences are discussed to help them find their personal expression/style. The visit takes about 1.5 hours – going through 40–50 different measurements –  and then your measurements are saved digitally on an account so that you can conveniently order bespoke garments and accessories directly through Blugiallo's e-commerce platform whenever you want.
    After placing an order, the garments are delivered within 5-6 weeks, either to the showroom or directly to your home. As a first-time customer, Blugiallo always conducts a “fitting,” where they assess the fit and quality of the garments, and if there is a need for minor adjustments in the fit, this is done by the company's tailors. The measurements are then updated in the customer's digital profile to ensure that all future orders are perfect.

    What is your inspiration behind your designs? You have four different collections, what are the inspirations and diversions between the collections?
    I find inspiration in numerous brands for diverse reasons. While I deeply admire iconic names like Ralph Lauren and contemporary innovators like Aimé Leon Dore, our greatest source of inspiration often stems from observing everyday individuals. Rather than solely focusing on renowned designers or luxury brands, we draw inspiration from how ordinary people confidently express themselves through clothing. Whether it's the precise tailoring of a suit or a bold mix of colors and patterns, it's the genuine authenticity and individuality embodied in their style that resonates most strongly with Blugiallo.
    An essential aspect of our style is ensuring excellent comfort for the wearer, allowing them to genuinely enjoy the product they're wearing. This comfort stems from the personalized fit tailored to each customer, inspired by our house cut for the specific product category. Additionally, it arises from aligning the style and quality of the product with the customer’s preferences.
    Our collection setup is structured into various levels of creativity regarding materials, colors, and designs,and functions as inspiration of how we like to demonstrate styling depending on the customer’s context.

    You recently started offering womenswear as well, what were the thoughts behind that decision?
    Our goal has always been to make personalized garments and high-quality tailored fashion more accessible to more people. Initially, the suit was our main signature, but today our range extends from tailored jeans and chinos to knitted garments, without waste materials. Launching our concept for women has long been a dream for us. We see great potential and look forward to more women being able to create their own unique style and express their own story through tailored garments, which we’ve seen has been a gap in the tailoring segment.

    You also recently opened up this showroom, tell me more about that?
    We have always wanted to create a Blugiallo home, rather than a classic store or showroom. With 'Två Trappor,' we have created a space where design, decor, and architecture are a direct reflection of who we are and what inspires us. Our new home is a place where all the wonderful personalities we encounter, whether they are existing or new customers, can feel at home. The showroom is located on top of Riche at Birgir Jarlsgatan 2.

    What would you say are the 3 core values for Blugiallo?
    Expressive luxury
    Personal service
    With these values, we believe one can enjoy fashion more and not feel the need to look to new trends and garments for each season.

    How would you describe the Blugiallo customer?
    Over the years, we see that the community has grown and we now see many different sorts of people wearing Blugiallo, something which I am very proud of. The Blugiallo customer likes to express themselves through fashion, and is willing to invest in long lasting high quality garments. The Blugiallo customer also has belief in us – for instance, 100 % of our investors are customers.

    What have been the most challenging aspects these 8 years at Blugaillo?
    To get e-commerce to work – a big nut to crack for a brand offering custom tailored pieces. We tried many different ways, but landed a working solution in 2019 which made us accessible globally. We use some of the most expensive, prestigious fabrics available. Therefore, it was a challenge to get down to a reasonable price point.

    What can we expect from Blugiallo in the near future?
    We are also now launching our Signature Made collection. It is ready-to-wear products, yet produced with high quality garments to ensure longevity of the product, that have been developed based on our customers' desire for faster delivery and a smooth purchasing experience.
    We see a big growth internationally, for instance the US is our biggest growing market. To see a version of Två Trappor in another city is something one can expect within the coming year.

    Image: Mikael Dahl
    Image: Mikael Dahl