• photography by MICHEL WIDENIUS / Eyes
    stylist MEGHAN SCOTT
    make up MOA ENGSTRÖM
    model TILDA D / Stockholmsgruppen
    stylist’s assistant DAHLIA KNÖÖS
    tights SNEAKY FOX

    Pleats Please

    Written by Meghan Scott

    PLEATS PLEASE is the timeless and revolutionary brand of Issey Miyake that is continuously impressing the style savvy each season.  We had the opportunity to have a small Q&A with the design team.

    Have the construction methods remained consistent throughout the years? 

    PLEATS PLEASE’s pleated process has remained the same since its beginning in 1993.  Unlike normal pleated garments that are pleated before being stitched into shapes, PLEATS PLEASE’s pleats are applied after the fabric is cut and sewn.  This unique method of manufacturing makes the variety of shapes infinite and the pleats permanent.

    Are fashion trends important to each collection?

    The collections don’t follow the fashion trends.  PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE was developed as a fashion product, suitable to everyday life, offering both comfort and beauty to the women who wear it.

    A large choice of colours, patterns and shapes combine with the lightness of fabric, make the clothes easy to wear for every kind of women, on any occasion.

    What is Pleats Pleases signature design that is prominent within each collection from the early 90’s until now?

    The line is composed of around 15 basic shapes; long and short dresses, coats, cardigans, tank tops, regular collar tops, turtleneck tops, pants and skirts.  All decline in three basics colours; grey, navy and black.

    Each season, new colours appear in the collection, as well as new prints often created in collaboration with various artists, such as the very popular 1999 guest series collection by Cai Guo-Qiang.  At the beginning and due to the specificity of the PLEATS PLEASE process, the design of the clothes, especially the shoulders were very sharp. Since then the process has evolved to achieve softer and more feminine shapes.

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