• Arrivals

    Written by Annica Zion

    Digital art platform to open up the art world and highlight young creators

    Today Arrivals is relaunching – a digital platform with the ambition to make art more accessible. Their web shop offers signed original artworks and art in limited edition by young unestablished artists. The selection and the appearance will from the relaunch be adapted to the
    present and be sensitive to trends and current events. As a visitor to the page you will constantly find new artwork and artists to be inspired by. On the site, today there are around 70 Swedish and international artists represented with artworks in different genres such as print, original painting, photography and sculpture.

    – We are a digital and democratic art platform that sells works by a new generation of artists. We want to open up the art by in an accessible way offer a curated selection of what we consider qualitative artistry. We believe that one needs to clarify and simplify buying of art, many are today interested in and aware of style and design, but don’t know exactly where to turn when interested in buying art, says one of the initiators behind Arrivals.

    Arrivals is built partly from each artistry, where visitors can take part of the artist’s idea behind each work or edition. Potential buyers are invited to discover the background of an artwork, something that increases the understanding of art, which to many may seem like a closed and difficult world. Browse through artworks from young contemporary artists and discover a new art scene online in a more accessible price range. Check it out here - arrivals.se