• Acne Studios SS18

    Written by Linnea Tjörnevik

    As expected, Acne Studios presented an original collection with some interesting point of views in their SS18 collection at Paris Fashion Week. Founder and Creative Director, Jonny Johansson explain that the vantage point of the collection is his own feeling of always feeling a bit apart from the system. “An outsider way of being”. 

    This was manifested at the presentation by a translucent shower curtain surrounding the catwalk as the first models came down. Creating a feeling of being an outside observer looking in. 

    The collection is a mix of colors, like out of a bowl of sugar pastel pastilles. A lot of details such as fringes, sparkly sequins, silky satins and starch treated jersey fabric gave the garments a lacquered finish. Every look had their own story and main theme.

    Silhouettes were shifting from oversized suits and jackets to more slimmed crochet beach dresses, all with a conceptual vintage vibe. After the show, Jonny summed up the collection with the words “Thrift shop on acid”.  Spontaneous pieces mish-mashed for the fun of it. 

    Altogether the collection breathes Miami Vice with a 70's silhouettes twist meets a Diner Girl in a Saturday Night Fever scene, all fused together in a somewhat cohesive look based on separates. 

  • The Return of the Original

    Written by Fashion Tales

    The past years have seen a strong revival of analog instant photography,“ explains Oskar Smolokowski, CEO of Polaroid Originals. “This growing demand goes beyond nostalgia. In today’s fast-paced, digital world a tangible object outside of your phone screen becomes a valued artifact. It’s also completely unique and impossible to reproduce.“

    Polaroid Originals is launching a new analog instant camera, named the Polaroid OneStep 2. It is a proud successor to the original Polaroid OneStep, the camera that democratized instant photography 40 years ago with its ease of use. Priced at $99.99 // £109.99 // €119.99 and with the same point-and-shoot usability as its predecessor, the OneStep 2 invites everyone to join the revival of analog instant photography. With a powerful built-in flash, easy USB charging, long-lasting battery and a self-timer, the camera is designed for today.

    Polaroid Originals simultaneously introduces a new generation of original format instant film, with color, black & white, and a range of special editions to choose from. The new film features the distinct dreamy aesthetic that Polaroid is famous for. It is available for modern analog instant cameras like the OneStep 2, as well as for key vintage Polaroid camera formats. Dedicated to keeping the legacy alive, Polaroid Originals also sells fully refurbished vintage Polaroid cameras.

    “When it comes to capturing a moment and bringing people together, there’s nothing quite like a Polaroid photograph,“ Oskar Smolokowski summarizes the motivation behind the Polaroid Originals brand.

  • Perfection is Boring

    Written by Fashion Tales

    While the web pursues #flawless, Diesel celebrates imperfection in their new campaign GO WITH THE FLAW 

    Diesel has always stood to challenge conformity. Today conformity is the chase of perfection, look at your social channels: perfect holiday, perfect pictures, perfect life, fitting in with the status quo. It’s going with the flow. It’s time to GO WITH THE FLAW. That’s right, we said FLAW. Not flow. Be unordinary because #flawless is forgettable. Roll with what you’ve got, even though it’s not ideal. Embrace what you can’t control. Find a little bravery to wear your flaws with pride, take a front seat and enjoy the ride. It’s time to go with mistakes, go with remakes, go without knowing if you have what it takes. GO WITH being reckless, megalomania, compulsive shopping, being lazy, forgetfulness, being nosy.
    Even your sunburns.

    I was fifteen years old when I made my first pair of jeans by hand. Of course they weren’t perfect. But that made them special – and unique, like everything we have done across our history so far”, says Diesel founder Renzo Rosso. “I have always been more interested in imperfection because it stands out from the crowd.”

    A film by François Rousselet, the French director François Rousselet who has created videos for Snoop Dogg, Madonna and The Rolling Stones, is the centre of the GO WITH THE FLAW campaign. During the mini-movie Edith Piaf provocatively sings ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’ as the cast embrace the uncomfortable of their everyday lives – and rise above, laughing.

    Always late? You’ll make a big entrance. Secret snorer? Your lover has a soundtrack? Bad dancer? You’ll be a YouTube sensation. Lazy? You won’t waste energy. Style your shortcomings into something extra – because success lives outside of conformity. Perfection is overrated. “Being unique is much more beautiful than being perfect,” explains Diesel's Artistic Director Nicola Formichetti, whose casting approach finds incredible looking people with interesting features, affirming the message of self-love. “Change the way you look at things so even the bad becomes positive, overcoming obstacles and fears. You’ll have the best life possible.”

    The 2017 Fall Winter campaign will be officially launched today (Wednesday, September 6th) with an event in Beijing

    Campaign imagery for billboard and print is photographed by Tom Sloan, whilst the concept is in collaboration with creative agency Publicis.

    Watch the campaign video here: https://youtu.be/aYxG1ASrYKo


  • HWYL by Aesop - Something in the Air

    Written by Meghan Scott

    After 10 years Aesop reveals a Japanese inspired fragrance named HWYL. I had the opportunity to visit the Aesop headquarters in London last week for the release. We entered a beautiful raw industrial space with clean lines with all of their ranges uniformly merchandised along a wall of minimal steel shelving and two large wood tables positioned at the far wall, juxtaposed with an island in the middle of the room decorated with fresh moss and rocks, adorned with the essential HWYL bottles. The typical fluorescent lighting fixtures were eclipsed by sheets of earthy muslin; which took down the anxiety that kind of lighting can induce, and covered too where the heating elements, keeping one connected to the natural vibe that was conferred. The team were casually dressed in clothes that give an Ann Demeulemeester circa 97 feel, while the stars of the show stood out with their unique style. The expert duo behind this new scent is french perfumer Barnabé Fillion and Kate Forbes, Aesops R&D Manager and an expert in ingredients and formulations, concocted this special scent with the idea of an ancient temple covered in moss. The temple was discovered by a group of monks, in which they took over leaving the moss as a sort of shrine. The key noses for this fragrance are cypress, frankincense and vetiver, a perennial bunchgrass native to india, but in this case, grown in Madagascar.  Over a period of time involving a new technology, of course confidential, and an extensive formulation process involving distillation and mixing, and with precise timing gives us this authentic and exceptional scent.

    We were met with a warm welcome of hugs, followed by an expert hand wash, yes our hands were washed by an Aesop specialist. Coffee was served immediately, which was perfect and we were encouraged to explore to Aesop HQs and absorb the setting and try the fragrance. Shortly after we all gathered around to hear Barnaby and Forbes speak about their adventures of the inception of HWYL. Capturing the base note from the silence and personal impact of ancient forests of Kyoto with trees that have been on earth for 700 years, getting inspired by the space between the trees and how they embrace. The interaction between elements, was the perfect setting for the perfectionist. Not a simple process, Fillion’s unique nose, tied in compassion and creative freedom, never stopping to look at the trends, compromising on quality was surely out of the question. After 150 trials and special time taken on alcohol tests paired with Forbe’s aforementioned expertise, HWLY was finally born.

    The fantastic social elements of this fragrance are that there were no focus groups, no no social media  updates, no spectacular campaign, just an insular group working on a final goal. Just a small creative team, inspired by the space between the trees, how they embrace, the interaction between elements. A short film was made to compliment the feeling, to give us a sense of the journey, by cinematographer Olivier Sévère, who works a lot with stones and rocks, he filmed in KUSHO, Japan.

    We had a nice chat with Thomas Buisson, the general manager for Europe, and he SCHOOLED us with the brands philiosophy, which reiderated the ideas behind the making of HWYL. Respect for the retail process, the personal interaction with each client is taken seriously, no products are pushed, the client is able to discover products for themselves. There is a personal involvement that involves love, passion and exposure. They resist against the one stop shop and mass consumption, which seems to be the norm these days, a retail revolution must take place in order keep a sense of self and know who you are. Take time and make time.

    As perfume is individual, each person’s skin captures and emits a unique scent, and with the ingredients, this scent is presented as unisex. When I tried it, It smelled quite ‘masculine’ on me, I’m blaming my plunge in progesterone and estrogen (aka pms) that day, so basically my hormone levels deemed me a man that day. It was very interesting to smell the scent on others at the event and discuss the different theories on how the scent reacts to each individual; diet, mood, sweet blood vs sour blood and even the female cycle.

    Hwyl is available now at Aesop stores now and is launching in Sweden on September 25th.

    Shop here.

  • Hysteria by Happy Socks - I Want Your Socks

    Written by Meghan Scott

    Exciting news for sock enthusiasts, there is a new fun and colourful -not surprisingly- brand by Happy Socks that drops on September first. The creative geniuses at Happy Socks have conceived a lifestyle sock brand for those who can’t get enough of adorning their feet in something unique. Made of lustrous mercerized cotton, slinky viscose and 360° seamlessly printed nylon with designs inspired by mid-century architecture and op art, we are presented with a nice selection of bold graphics and geometric prints. A feeling of femininity and masculinity are blurred, the modern woman can acquiesce to pumping up her sock routine without compromising her everyday style. The colours are perfect for this autumn; a cheeky mix of burgundies, navies and olives juxtaposed with impressions of colour pops that include blush pink, petrol blue and fuel yellow. The Hysteria collection gives us the accent we need in the sea of muted colours we tend to fall into this time of year. In the lookbook a reflection of the brands essence, quirky femininity paired with a dreamy retro vibe remains contemporary and on point. The minimal styling and set design keep us engaged with hints of kitsch and a story to keep our eyes enchanted.

    The idea behind the name of the new line is a reference to a time, not long ago, when if women acted out of the ordinary, were labeled hysterical. To take back this powerful word, represents freedom and how far the female has come.

    I had the opportunity with a small selection of local and international press from London, Berlin, Köpenhamn, New York to join the Happy Socks crew for an intimate breakfast at their headquarters followed by a champagne filled lunch at Adam & Albin. The ever so enthusiastic and personality filled characters behind Happy Socks; Viktor Tell (Creative Director), Mikael Söderlindh (CEO) and Paula Maso (Head od Design for Hysteria) were there throughout the day, giving us a feeling that we're all part of the Happy Socks crew.

    The food was absolutely beautiful, each dish mimicked designs of the AW17 collection, I almost didn’t dare to take a bite, however every morsel was just as good as it looked.

    Hold on too your socks, Hysteria is the biznass! If you’re like me and like getting dressed socks first, you should definitely get a pair or four here on September first!