• The Waldorf Project

    Written by Fashion Tales

    An interesting art project will be taking place at Ksju in Stockholm's slaughterhouse district. The Waldorf Project is an immersive experience on a grand stage in which art is consumed through all of the senses. A realisation by artist Sean Rogg, has created and directed this project which has had a run of installments over several years; Chapter One/MUSKMELON, Chapter Two/COLOUR, and Chapter Three/FUTURO so far, the next deployment is a fully developed exploration of Chapter Four/BARZAKH which will take place in London in 2018.

    The Waldorf Project is one of the world’s most intense and mesmerizing theater experiences, in which the audience consumes the performance with all five senses. In an intimate setting running from May 17th until the 20th, is has been described as a new art form and will be its first exhibition outside of London.

    According to the press release: The full staging of the fourth chapter of The Waldorf Projects that will take place in the UK later this year. E.R.L.s (Experimental Research Labratories) are shorter performances compared to entire chapters, for CHAPTER FOUR/BARZAKH. This gives Rogg the opportunity to explore the core concepts that make up a chapter and trial them on a live crowd for the first time, often making the E.R.L.s more intense. The Waldorf Project was created by Rogg in 2012 and is a holistic theatre experience that seamlessly blends movement design, costume design, spatial design, choreography, music, and gastronomy into one cohesive experience. It represents the bleeding edge of 21stcentury performance and conceptual art. Sean Rogg elaborates, “Every person responsible for each of the creative disciplines that make up The Waldorf Project is at the very forefront of their crafts. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, and our guests in Stockholm will have an experience as close to an actual chapter as possible. Since an E.R.L.s precede full chapters and give us an opportunity to trial ideas, they demand more from us as creators.”

    The world’s most coveted news and art media outlets including Associated Press, The Guardian, The Creators Project, Trend Tablet, WGSN and have covered the initiative since CHAPTER ONE / MUSKMELON. “Having lived in Sweden for over four years I’ve experienced the introverted nature of Swedes firsthand. It’s fascinating to me. Much like London, Stockholm is multicultural, yet the mentality of Swedes is typically much more close guarded compared to Brits. In that sense Stockholm makes for an intriguing ‘test market’ for us before we premiere the full chapter in London later this year,” Rogg explains, “There’s of course also the problem of finding spaces that can play host to what we do. Fristaden is a lot smaller space than we usually work with but makes it up with character. It’s in an interesting area of the city that struck a chord with me. It’s going to be an exceptional series of performances.”

    For more information and to purchase tickets for this incredible experience, visit www.ksju.se/thewaldorfproject

  • PERRET SCHAAD X Silhoutte - Design with Passion

    Written by Meghan Scott

    As we immerse ourselves in the abundance of fashion from the Autumn/Winter 2018 collections, we contemplate which pieces will reign supreme for the fashion set, watching the shows in each city and drooling over our favourite wares. And then comes that alluring moment, when we come across a “see-now/buy-now” opportunity. This concept is tricky for most designers showing runway collections, the means just aren't available just yet. There has been an interesting alternative to keep us connected to the collections before they hit the stores and Berlin’s hottest fashion design duo, PERRET SCHAAD have realized this for this season.

    As consumers become increasingly educated in their purchasing habits as each day passes, and keeping up with the fast-fashion cycles can be dizzying, it has become a trend that the average shopper tends to invest in a collaboration piece or an item from a capsule collection from a brand, especially before the main collection is available. The luxury Austrian eyewear brand Silhouette, a household name in eyewear, known for their minimal lightweight frameless designs has collaborated PERRET SCHAAD creating a collection named Tital Minimal. The Icon. Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad share the commitment for reduction, and unique and functional design, which is the DNA of this collaboration. The duo has been compared to the likes of Jil Sander, and have incited Berlin’s fashion scene to the forefront of the current circuit.

    The dynamic shape juxtaposed with a print on the lens in an array of colours that reflect the AW18 collection, give us a full-frame modern sunglass look. Four strong combinations of frame and lens colors that allow them to see the world in their own way: copper with orange-blue, brass with mint, dark red with gray and gold with caramel. 

    Working with Johanna and Tutia was very inspiring, and we quickly found common ground as designers,’ explains Roland Keplinger, Silhouette’s head of design. ‘It was interesting combining the fashion side of things with our technical know-how, which was a key factor in making this extraordinary piece of eyewear.’

    At the show, in an intimate atmosphere, the models were arranged in a “Last Supper” arrangement, socializing quietly and subtly taking turns taking a stroll towards the audience. A colour blocking palette of pastel pinks and green, mixed with greys, browns, purples, and accents of iridescent orange, blues, and purples in a mix of satin silks, chiffons, light wools and jersey were draped in structured a-symmetrical contrasted with symmetrical figures. These elements created a perfect ambiance for the sunglasses to shine. Archive pieces were added throughout as they usually bring back selected pieces in their collections. When asked about the inspiration for this collection, they told me that it was intuitively; a special feeling in the air they felt together. They also told me that they feel good working with Silhouette, because it is a family run business and that they are produced in Austria and Germany, sourcing materials from France and Italy. 

    This is the fourth collaboration that the CEO of Silhouette, Jan Rosenburg has participated in. ‘PERRET SCHAAD focuses on individual people just like Silhouette does, and this principle informs their functional, yet perfectly-formed designs. Silhouette’s iconic “Titan Minimal Art – The Icon” shares the same DNA.”

    The sunglasses are currently available and we can adorn our face with PERRET SCHAAD while we enjoy the summer days and when the season changes, we will be ready to wrap ourselves in our favourite runway look. Shop here.