Written by Rebecka Häggblom

Twelve inspiring young artists from all over the world have each created their own vision of “GIF Art ”. The exhibition shows a new way to look at Graphic Interchange Format’s that feels fresh, modern and creative.

The Artists:

Ana Blizzard - Mexico
Emilie Mottet - Sweden
Greta Larkins - Australia
Gustavo Torres - Argentina
Juan Herrera Prado - Argentina
Luca Mainini - Italy
Magaly Ugarte - Mexico
Paolo Cerci - Croatia
Sandra Zupanic - Sweden
Sasha Katz - Russia
Thom Rugo - USA
Tyler Spangler - USA

The exhibition will be shown from 18.11.15 thru 2.12.16 at Västermalmsgallerian (Västermalms Mall) , lower level.