Journeyed from Detroit to Chicago and reconnected with a creative soul sister, Jassie - talented photographer, former room mate and forever sister. It was a while since we last worked together but our connectivity is natural. Its amazing how it's as if she knows what I am thinking before I even utter a word or begin to critique the direction of the shoot. There's a symbiosis, and I know what she's looking at through her third eye, Nikon - before even seeing what the result is. A true collaboration is one that exists when the participating parties are able to challenge one another; we do just that. Juxtopositions, textures, pops of color or the romantic escape of them… we challenge each other. The product is one that we both can be proud of, as a gestated manifestation of a vision that we both carried. 

We All Wear Masks is my fifth phase - with this collection I wanted to delve into the masks I have worn. I wanted to not only illustrate but to discover the meaning of its presence with a full embracing of its vibrational current. 

Todays mask looked like a bit of disappointment. I think of my location in relation to others and I hope that they will not only see where I stand but behold the possibility of viewing things from my perspective. If they are not willing to go all the way, my wish is for them to meet me halfway. I don't mind leaving this place for a new perspective, especially for a new collective perspective; because sometimes this place gets lonely. I love what I do, its the axis in which the tilt of my being is held, the tilt in which by being rotates. So naturally, it would be nice if you would meet me half-way, because if you are like me, willing and able, I guarentee that the worlds we build would be plentiful and full of enriching nourishment. 


Photography by Jasmine Durhal 

Styling by William Braggadocio

Love, Karissma Yve


There’s nothing to see here.