Carlings launches the Neo-Ex with the artificial influencer "Perl.www"

Written by Fashion Tales

Carlings explores the fashion of the future by launching the Neo-Ex collection together with the artificial influenza “Perl.www (, the world's first collection that only exists digitally. Just like collection, only “Perl.www” exists digitally, where her presence as a human evokes the lines between digital and real life. With the help of digital tailors (3D designers), Carlings has designed and produced the collection. The Neo-EX collection enables a new way of expressing its fashion creativity without leaving a negative footprint on the environment.

Here's a video that explains how the process goes:­Sothlpxa6V0&feature­

The limited collection consists of 19 products that cost between 100 - 300 SEK. The collection will only be available through Carling's webshop as of November 14th. 11:00. All proceeds from the project go directly to WaterAid.