photography ​Ellinor Sjöberg
fashion and creative direction Etchell Dorkenoo
makeup Bessan Cewers
model Siginey / MIKAs

fashion assistants Kajsa Jenning & Elias Berg

shirt & vest Cornelia Ferm / Swedish School of textiles
trousers & shoes Humana Second Hand
jewellery Stylist’s Own


Photography by Ellinor Sjöberg by Sandra Myhrberg
total look Thomas Wieser
earrings Charlott Vasberg
rings Stylist’s Own
coat Humana Second Hand
earrings & ring Cornelia Webb
bracelet Charlott Vasberg
suit Humana Second Hand
vest Nygårdsanna
jewellery Stylist’s Own
jumpsuit Humana Second Hand
shirt Blankdays
earrings & bracelet Charlott Vasberg
rings Cornelia Webb
coat Josefin Wiklund
shoes Stylist’s Own
jewellery Charlott Vasberg


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