L'ART BRUT - Art as primal force at Millesgården Museum

Written by Fashion Tales

“What is art and who determines it? These questions are raised by the exhibition L’ART BRUT – Art as primal force, which opens at Millesgården on June 1, 2024. The term l'art brut, French for raw art, was coined by the French artist Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985). The concept refers to artistic expressions created by individuals outside the established art world and its academic framework. During his lifetime, Dubuffet amassed over 5,000 works, and the collection has since expanded to nearly 70,000 pieces. In the art hall, the works are organised thematically, showcasing geometric compositions, vibrant paintings with emblematic figures, and small paper scraps with drawn narratives interspersed with writings, sculptures, creations featuring animal motifs, and landscape depictions. The exhibition at Millesgården is a collaboration with the Collection de l’Art Brut in Lausanne, Switzerland, and is based on 19 Swiss creators, presenting over 100 works.”

The exhibition, focused on Swiss creators, is thematically organised, beginning with Adolf Wölfli's characteristic and geometric compositions, followed by Aloïse Corbaz's vibrant paintings featuring emblematic figures. Works by Adolf Wölfli were among the first acquisitions in Dubuffet's collection, and Aloïse Corbaz played a pivotal role in the collection's eventual relocation to Lausanne. Subsequently, there is a collection of creations acquired from the country's mental hospitals. These works are distinguished by their format; small scraps of paper with drawn narratives, including pieces by Julie Bar and Jules Doudin. Additionally, there are presentations of works where the creators reference their own selves, such as Justine Python's writings and Gaston Teuscher's swirling motifs, along with Angelo Meanis's sculptures. Finally, we encounter Aloïs Wey's imaginary palace architecture and Samuel Failloubaz's animal motifs alongside Benjamin Bonjour's landscape depictions.