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Linn Koch-Emmery's Path to 'Borderline Iconic'"

Written by Emelie Bodén by Sandra Myhrberg

Swedish musician and songwriter Linn Koch-Emmery grew up in Norrköping, a town south of the capital where she developed a passion for music. She formed her first band at the age of thirteen or fourteen, having known since childhood that she wanted to be a musician. At nineteen she moved away to London to focus on a solo career and in 2016 her first single “Come back” was released. Linn kept releasing singles, albums and EP:s and now has a strong and reliable following on spotify.  May 23, 2024 she released her latest album “Borderline Iconic” with songs like Ebay Armour, Happy and No Hands.

Could you trace the origins of your musical journey for us? What were the pivotal moments or influences that propelled you to pursue a career in music?
I got obsessed with rock music in my early teens. I think it was my cousin who sent me mp3 files of bands and songs that she liked, like Clash, Dylan and Beatles, that also resonated with me.Then White Stripes, Pixies and Oasis. I daydreamed a lot about playing in a band. Walked laps around my neighborhood listening to music and fantasizing about being in a band and writing music. Then I knocked on my neighbors door and asked if he could teach me to play guitar.

What influenced your decision to predominantly channel your artistic expression through the genres of indie rock and pop, and how do you think these genres particularly complement your musical vision and storytelling?
I have no idea why I got stuck on guitar music. They are really cool I guess. I have always been more interested in the emotions of music rather than the skill. I guess indie rock is a somewhat forgiving genre for that, or at least my personal division of it. There are of course very skilled musicians in this genre as well, I was just never interested in being one of them.

Could you share any unique experiences or influences that have distinctly shaped your musical style and thematic choices?
Being depressed at 13 years old, walking around my block listening to Oasis and Dylan daydreaming. I watched Oasis live once as well, it was one of the last shows they did together, but I was quite disappointed.

What factors influenced your decision to relocate to the UK to further your music career, and how do you believe this has impacted your artistic growth and opportunities within the music industry?
I’ve got some family and friends in the UK so I have naturally spent a lot of time there throughout the years. Pete (who produced the record) reached out about trying to work on some new stuff in 2022, he lives in Somerset where we also recorded the album. I still got my base in Stockholm but I bounced back and forth a lot in the process of recording. I love the UK, they are passionate about their rock music.

In reflecting on your decision to record your album in the UK, could you elaborate on the ways in which this move has contributed to your artistic evolution and development?
Working with a new producer of course changed the sound a bit, even though I believe the core is still very much there. I feel like I grew a lot as both an artist and human being while working with Pete. His approach to music is very intuitive.

And lastly what advice would you give to aspiring musicians who are just starting out and looking to carve out their own path in the music industry?
Follow your guts and focus on the music you want to make and how it makes you feel. Every now and then, take a walk and remind yourself why you started.

Check out her spotify here!

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