• photography by ALEXANDER BELLO
    hair & make up ÅSA ENGSTRÖM / Mikas Looks
    model ELIN S / Mikas
    special thanks to Studio Mjuklyx
    lipcare CARMEX
    lipgloss LAURA MERCIER paint wash rosewood
    contour blush MAC cubic 


    Photography by Alexander Bello by Michaela Widergren
    primer LAURA MERCIER radiance 
    foundation MAC face & body 
    eyes MAC satin taupe and grain
    eyeliner MAKE UP FOREVER aqua liner
    mascara LANCÔME hypnose
    eyebrows MAKE UP STORE  tri brow

    Written by Dahlia Celestina

    Rankin has been working closely with Walter Cambell, creator of the concept and award winning creative director at TBWA, on this short film that automatically makes you sink into the innermost desires of the erotic imagination.

    Dropping the visual fantasies of what may seem to be an everyday life situation, this short film will keep you on your toes, feeding you evocative images that feature Coco de Mer lingerie.

    “X”’s intention is to capture their viewers into a new cutting edge type of conversation around desire; one that is liberated, progressive and accessible. The film also gives a total image about the empowerment of women.

    The hype around the film is already becoming clear to the public. The new showpiece will be premiered in London, Paris, New York and Milan in the next upcoming months, and has already been expressed as a masterpiece by the insiders of the industry.

    The whole concept and collaboration idea with Coco de Mer is that they want their audience to believe that the ultimate erotic experience of your life is yet to come. For them, sex is a very beautiful thing, so they create beautiful objects and experiences to celebrate the enjoyment of one another. And as a result, Rankin and Walter Cambell completely understood and embraced the brand, which turned into a further concept and an exciting collaboration.

    A fashion film is the best way to express the essence of people exploring the limits of their erotic minds. It’s all about heightening the people’s appetite for desire. You immerse yourself into the experience and then make your own personal discoveries during the process. Being able to work with such talented people like Rankin and Walter, as well as the rest of the team allowed them to truly reach what they were trying to portray as a collaborative journey.

    They wanted the main message of this fashion film to allow people to embrace the complexity of sexual pleasure and pave the way for more conversations around desire and eroticism. The next beautifully captivating moment is always waiting to happen.

    As Rankin has said, “I see “X” as an attempt to create an experience that relates directly back to the motivation of the brand itself. Using the direct relation between erotic fantasy and voyeurism, which has a rich tradition in the erotic world.”

    There is an obvious feeling of intrigue and mystery that goes around the film. It makes you feel like you’re watching something off a social media feed, but then is sped up as if it was on amphetamines.

    “X” would be described as blank space in way that is hard to categorize, which was why the title was chosen to be a single letter to make it uncomplicated. Taking something forbidden and making it feel simple.

    In one word, this collaboration experience would be described as inspiring. 

    See the video here and check out Coco De Mer here.



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