• Full name: Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi 

    Born: Dec. 31, 1976 
    Lives in: Tokyo 
    Occupation: Director at UNITED ARROWS & SONS

    An interview with Poggy

    Written by Michaela Widergren

    MM: Why the nickname “Poggy”?

    POGGY: My last name is “Kogi”, and a friend of mine misheard it. It comes from Toppogi (Korean food) and became Poggy.

    MM: Are you able to work with your own personal style through United Arrows & Sons in some ways?  

    POGGY: I call the style of classic-street mix “sartorial street style”. At the store we are showing the style by mixing brands. Like classic style brand and street brands.

    MM: Are you as well know in Europa as in Japan?

    POGGY: I don’t know…

    MM: What to do you think it is about your style that people like? 

    POGGY: Usually I have business (formal) meetings during day time and often attend events (street style) at night. Compare to overseas, we don’t have a custom to change before night out in Japan. My current style has come from daily routine. I can say that the style is my life itself. So it’s nice to hear that people like my style.

    MM: What is your favorite place in Tokyo? 

    POGGY: Little Soul Cafe in Shimokitazawa and Piano Bar in Shibuya.

    MM: What is your favorite place in the world?

    POGGY: Summer time, specially night time - Firenze.

    MM: Have you ever been to Stockholm? 

    POGGY: I haven’t been to Stockholm yet. I’ve been to Copenhagen twice. 

    MM: Do you think Scandinavians dress well? 

    POGGY: I have the image of Scandinavians being stylish.

    MM: Who is your ultimate style icon?

    POGGY: I have been influenced by Hiroshi Fujiwara and NIGO, the legends of Ura-Hara Culture. And founding members of UNITED ARROWS; I learned traditional style from them. And others, Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren and Shawn Stussy. For me, people who are strongly related to culture and also wear jackets and suits are so inspiring.


    photography by JÖRGEN AXELVALL

    coordinator  KEITH S. WASHINGTON

    eyewear MAX PITTION

  • photography by RICKARD ARONSSON / Agent Bauer
    stylist REBECCA COHEN / Agent Bauer
    make up HELEN BORG / Adamsky Management
    hair SHERIN / Adamsky Management
    models COSMO, FABIO & NIKLAS / Nisch Management
    stylist’s assistant MARTINA AXTELIUS
    jacket ACNE STUDIOS
    jeans & rings MODEL’S OWN
    shirt OUR LEGACY


    by Rickard Aronsson by Arda Sarper
    top BLK DNM
    trousers OUR LEGACY
    boots J.LINDEBERG
    shirt BLK DNM
    top worn underneath FRAME
    jeans MODEL’S OWN
    jacket BLK DNM
    top COS
    jeans MODEL’S OWN
    necklace BLUE BILLIE
    coat NAIM JOSEFI
    sweather ACNE STUDIOS
    shirt OUR LEGACY
    sweather & belt ACNE STUDIOS
    trousers OUR LEGACY
  • photography by ALBIN RYDHOLM 
    stylist SIMON RYDHOLM 
    hair & make up JASMINE LUNDMARK 
    model HANNA S / Stockholmsgruppen
    photographer’s assistants ALEXANDER LARSSON & RICHARD ORTEGA
    retouching EMILY LORENTZON 
    jacket SCHOTT
    scarf EMMA FÄLLMAN


    by Albin Rydholm by Arda Sarper
    jewelry CORNELIA WEBB
    shoes DR. MARTENS
    jewelry CORNELIA WEBB
    shirt RAILS
    sweatshirt BLK DNM
    jewelry YASAR AIDIN



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