• Ole Lynggaard Øregaard Museum exhibition - Interview with Charlotte Lynggaard

    Written by Jahwanna Berglund

    On the 3rd of November, the Øregaard Museum is delighted to open its doors to an exclusive exhibition that invites you to explore the universe of the Danish fine jewelry house, OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN. On the occasion of the company’s 60th anniversary, the beautifully situated Øregaard Museum unfolds the story of the Danish design company. An ongoing story shaped by passion for exquisite crafts-manship and inspiration from nature.

    Odalisque Magzine had a conversation with Charlotte Lynggaard around opening of the exhibition at Øregaard Museum. 

    What is the significance of Øregaard Museum hosting an exhibition for OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN’s 60th anniversary?
    We are very proud that Øregaard Museum invited us to share the story of our company and showcase our designs. We have dreamed of bringing our jewellery into a museum for a very long time – it is a space of immersion, insight, and creativity. And to be able to share this experience with our father, our employees, and all the people interested in design – from Denmark and from abroad – is very special to us. We couldn’t ask for a better way to end our 60th anniversary year.

    Could you provide some insights into the history and founding principles of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN as a Danish fine jewellery house?

    We are and always have been driven by passion for craftsmanship and design. That is the heart of our company. Since my father founded the company in 1963, and up until today, we have been working hard to ensure the creative spirit of our brand and the high quality of our craftsmanship.

    Can you tell me more about the inspiration from nature that has played a significant role in shaping OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN’s jewellery designs over the past 60 years?

    CL:To me, nature is a source of peace, strength, and energy. I am mesmerised by all the wonders of nature. Whenever I go for a stroll in the forest outside my home, I feel immediately inspired by the colours, the shapes, and the constant change in nature – this perpetual circle of life. Contrasts and textures inspire me a lot. That is also why I adore working with different palettes of precious gemstones. To me, nature is the epitome of timeless beauty, and that is a constant inspiration.

    What can visitors expect to see in terms of private archive materials, sketches, and installations at the Diamond Jubilee exhibition?

    CL:The exhibition offers a unique glimpse into the universe of our brand. It features a wide range of iconic jewellery designs from 1963 up until today – as well as private achieve material and never before seen special pieces, and an exclusive look at what is coming next. The exhibition takes you on a journey through our creative space and the artistic processes behind the designs.

    How has OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN evolved since its founding in 1963, and what are some key milestones in its journey?

    Since my father started the company in 1963, my brother and I – and now the third generation as well – are taking part in the journey of the brand. There are so many special moments and memories. From new collections and unique special pieces to cherished family moments. Every collection tells its own story of inspiration and dedication and is a memory of a special time. But of course, it was very special to be appointed Purveyor of the Royal Danish Court.

    Are there any iconic or signature pieces of jewellery from OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN that will be on display during the exhibition?

    CL:The exhibition will feature more than 100 pieces of fine jewellery from the last six decades. Including the ground-breaking jewellery clasp, the Elephants, and the Snakes designed by my father. The BoHo rings and The Midnight Tiaras designed by me. And my daughter Sofia’s new universe launching in the spring of 2024 – representing the third generation of our company.

    What role has Øregaard Museum played in bringing this dream exhibition to life, and why was this location so special?

    We are delighted that Øregaard Museum invited us to curate this exhibition and shine a light on the art of fine jewellery design and the story of our brand. The museum is located right around the corner from our headquarters and goldsmith workshops, and it is a place very dear to us. The museum is beautifully situated and the atmosphere there is so charming and inspiring.

    Øregaard Museum, Ørehøj Allé 2, 2900 Hellerup
    November 3rd – December 17th, 2023
    For more information, visit www.oregaard.dk

  • photography Alvin Santos

    fashion Alphons Amuri


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  • Byredo unveils enchanting Swedish folklore for the holiday season

    Written by Natalia Muntean

    This holiday season, Byredo invites us to step into a world of enchantment and nostalgia. Founder and Creative Director Ben Gorham draws inspiration from the whimsical illustrations of Swedish artist John Bauer, weaving together a tapestry of Swedish folklore for the 2023 Holiday collection.

    “John Bauer’s illustrations are placed as a tapestry of memories in my mind, connecting traditions and enchantment from childhood. His work captures the essence of Swedish folklore, intertwining it with the untamed beauty of nature,” says Gorham. Drawing inspiration from three different scenes in the tales of John Bauer, the Byredo holiday 2023 campaign is split into three chapters featuring Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta

    The holiday collection is a visual spectacle, showcasing motifs from Scandinavian legends and childhood tales, brought to life through vibrant colours and detailed craftsmanship. Gnomes, mythical creatures, and legendary heroes take centre stage, evoking a sense of wonder.

    From stockings adorned with John Bauer's Holiday motifs to handcrafted paper stars and displays of hand-dipped candles, these items are designed to infuse the home with a touch of tradition and magic. Additionally, gift sets featuring Byredo's bestsellers, such as fragrances, incence, candles, makeup, and body care products, offer convenient, yet magical solutions for holiday gifting. 

    In line with the theme of embracing the season of giving, Byredo introduces the Choco Mascarpone Candle with touches of floral notes of Jasmine India Absolute, bitter chocolate and woody notes. The scent is designed to evoke the comforting embrace of the holiday season, making it perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere during festive gatherings and celebrations.

    Another novelty created specifically for this season is a makeup collection curated by Byredo Creative Image and Makeup Partner, Lucia Pica. The Holiday Makeup collection transcends the boundaries between reality and the realm of dreams.

    The new line offers an exploration of an ethereal space, a forgotten yet undiscovered place that evokes an internal journey of the mystical. Frozen hues and lingering fragrances, alongside spontaneous expressions and hazy abstractions, create an entrancing duality in this collection, reminiscent of joyful festivities.

    I love these elements that cannot become reality, it gives you that feeling of being transported. Illusion represents a space of imagination that feels real, that feels alive, that you’ve never seen before, but it’s sublime,” says Pica.