Setting sprays can be your best friend, if they work. Especially in a time of wearing masks and the summer that is soon upon us. The dream scenario is always making sure the makeup looks the same from the time you apply it in the morning until you come home from a long day. And this setting spray from CAIA sure does. 

That Extra Hour from CAIA keeps your makeup in place throughout the day, as the name tells you - for that extra hour. As I constantly wear I mask – my makeup can easily be rubbed off. While I have to reapply some quick concealer around my noose, the overall makeup sticks. Using the CAIA setting spray as the last step of my routine in the morning, I have noticed my makeup actually sticks longer and keeps my face glowy and hydrated. 

The vegan forumla feels light and refreshing on your skin, making you ready for the day. Not to mention, even better for sensitiv skin - it's free from alcohol.

How to use it

Hold the bottle about 30 cm from your face and spray an even layer. I personally use it as the last step of my routine, when I need my makeup to sit the entire day. You can also use before applying your base, or throughout the day as a hydration boost. 

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