This weekend, you'll definitely catch sight of BMW cars adorned with artworks by Swedish artist Katrin Westman cruising through the streets of Stockholm. The fusion of Westman's abstract paintings with the modern design of BMW cars creates a visually stunning spectacle.

This marks an exciting way to celebrate the art weekend and Market Art Fair 2024.
Back in April, Katrin Westman clinched the BMW Art Commission with her mesmerising piece titled “Wetland.” The original painting reflects the essence of summertime, drawing inspiration from water lilies and the vibrant life flourishing in aquatic environments. While Westman's brush strokes originally take viewers on an immersive journey across the canvas, the collaboration with BMW Group offers a new perspective, taking the beholder on a different journey from Liljevalchs Konsthall to the Moderna Museet, passing by the sun-drenched Stockholm waterfront and the illustrious high-fashion stores along Birger Jarlsgatan.

Westman is excited about the transition of her abstract artwork to a different dimension: “I believe art can reach a broader audience through this kind of interaction. While industrial designers and artists may have different objectives, both engage in creative endeavours. There's a wealth of knowledge to be shared, and only time will reveal the fruits of our collaboration.”

As described by, “Katrin Westman pushes the boundaries of abstract painting, showcasing the timeless allure of the classical genre. She employs swift brushstrokes to depict voluminous 'bodies' that intertwine, overlay, and intertwine, enveloping the surface.”

Presented by the contemporary art gallery GSA Gallery, Westman's captivating paintings, ranging from approximately 25,000 SEK to 60,000 SEK, can be explored on the online platform for contemporary art,

Text Ludmila Christeseva

See Katrin Westman’s art here.