Written by Yasmine

    This year, the focus is not only on the 24 days calenders, but the amazing 12 days boxes as well - filled with suprises and best-sellers. These are the most favorable gift sets and calanders to get.

    Rituals - The Ritual of Advent 2D and Premium Calander 2023
    The Christmas calendar of all calendars for the Scandinavians, is the classic Ritual of Advent. This year, the brand has not been afraid to go even more extravagant. The calendar comes in three sizes, from the 2D set similar to a magical London townhouse to Premium containing a 3D village, where you build your own christmas city. Both lovely to have on the table as decoration. The options are filled with suprises that will make you smile, with Rituals favorites from bath soaps, candles, and skincare. Find it here.

    Body Shop - Ultimate Advent of Change Advent Calender 2023
    Ultimate Advent of Change is dedicated to the beauty fanatic. The calendar is packed with trusted full-size bestsellers, gorgeous skincare, accessories and everything else you need to pamper yourself this December.
    Think outside the box and discover an even more beautiful Christmas together with Edelweiss Smoothing Day Cream, iconic Mango Body Butter, Vitamin C Face Polish, and the wonderfully scented Banana Shampoo along with much more.

    Estèe Lauder Blockbuster 2023
    A great thing with Holiday boxes is that you get the opportunity to try new products. For the first timers of Estèe Lauder, this is for you. The Blockbuster gives you all the brands bestsellers from the Advanced Night Serum and Eye Cream, to their lipsticks and eye shadow palette. All wrapped in a beautiful red velvet case, for your travels. I will definitely use mine daily. A magical gift to give to yourself this holiday. Find it here

    Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Gift Set
    The glittery Pillow Talk makeup vault is back for 2023, with 14 full-size makeup icons. As someone that is new to the brand, this gift set is perfect to try the brands popular icons. The gift set includes Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter in Pillow Talk Glow, Pillow Talk Beautifying Face Palette and Pillow Talk Matte Beauty Blush Wand, alongside 11 other Pillow Talk Icons for your eyes, lips and cheeks. Not to mention, it's smartly packaged in a luxurious box with its own mirror and is set in a rose gold touch. Find it here 

    NYX Professional MakeUp Ready. Set. Flamin-Go
    A calendar to give to the teenager or someone who loves color, is this Ready. Set. Falmin-Go gift from NYX. The brand understands that it can be hard to wait for all those 24 gifts, so this year, they are giving us everything at once. Open up each of our 24 full-sized products at the same time - for a true unboxing experience. Get ready for eyeshadow to lip gloss, to blush, and highlighter. Not to mention some accessories. Find it here.

    NIVEA MEN Calendar
    Since this year we are only recommending gifts that are all usable, one of those gift boxes is this calendar from NIVEA. Say hello to 24 products of lip balm, face mask, body lotion, face cream and deodorant and other surprises. A perfect gift for the skincare beginner or the more experienced skincare enthusiast. Countdown the days until Christmas with products both from NIVEA and Labello for a moment for yourself. Find it here.

    KIEHL'S Limited Edition Holiday Advent Calendar
    There is no better time to try Kiehls products than winter. The brand is celebrated for their rich skincare, and this calendar is packed with it. This year, the Christmas calendar is designed by the artist duo Icinori, who create art with elements of fantasy. With 24 surprises in skin and hair care, face cleanser, face cream, serum, face masks and much more. Find the calander here.


    LUSH Advent Calendar 2023
    Treat yourself to 25 sumptuously scented vegan products from the brands 2023 advent calendar. Expect exclusive festive treats such as the Jingle Jelly shower jelly, Boogie Woogie soap and Christmas Eve Candle, alongside all-year-round favourites and classic products. The calandar is packaged in a limited edition box designed by Andre Williams of Trifle Studio. When the festivities are over, the box can be reused as storage for your future Lush products. Find the calander here.

    BABOR Advent Calender 
    Good luck in a hatch! Every day for 24 days, a surprising boost awaits your skin. Behind the doors of this year's calendar, our magical ampoules hide, 2 ml of active skincare in its most concentrated form. Super serums that take your skincare routine to a whole new level. Give your skin a gift every day or crack one open when you need an extra boost; you'll receive ampoules from our original range and upgraded Doctor Babor ampoules. Discover the magic of adding an ampoule to your skincare! Find it here.

    24 Days of Clinique Calendar
    With the Clinique Holiday Advent Calendar, you can get all of your old and new favorites in a beautiful treat. Experience the enchanting Advent season with new beauty items with 24 days of clinique. With everything from their most loved skincare, beauty products, and body care - perfect to give to someone who loves this iconic brand. Find it here.


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  • photography Crille Forsberg / Rockson
    fashion & text Jahwanna Berglund




    Hedda wears
    knitted sweater ARKET

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    "Börje - The Journey of a Legend" - Interview with Hedda Stiernstedt & Valter Skarsgård

    Written by Jahwanna Berglund

    November 19th marked the world premiere of the biography tv-show “Börje- The Journey of a Legend”.
    A tv-series in six episodes unfolding  the early life of the Swedish hockey icon Börje Salming, played by Valter Skarsgård alongside actress Hedda Stiernstedt portraying his first wife, Margitta.
    In an exclusive chat with Odalisque, the talented duo sheds light on their immersive experiences travelling back in time and  bringing these characters to life.

    Valter, can you tell us what drew you to the role of Börje Salming in this series? What about the character and the story resonated with you?
    Meeting Börje I was sold instantly. His story is so unbelievable and amazing that I felt that I had to be a part of it. And it was such an interesting challenge to try to portray someone with the duality Börje had. Being such a nice man but also being one of the toughest hockey players.

    Hedda, playing Margitta Salming, what kind of research and preparation did you do to accurately portray the life and experiences of Börje Salming's wife?
    I did a lot of research, and I met with Margitta. She is such a lovely and gracious person and she showed me a lot of personal pictures. BUT she is not a public person like Börje, there isn't any documentation on her, no videos or interviews etc. As an actress That’s both good and bad. Bad because I have less to go from, but good for the same reason - I had much more artistic freedom than Valter in my portrayal. That’s both good and bad. Bad because I have less to go from, but good for the same reason - I had much more artistic freedom than Valter in my portrayal.

    Valter, what was it like working closely with director Amir Chamdin, who had a personal connection with Börje Salming? How did this influence your performance in the series?
    Working with Amir was fantastic. We were on the same page early on. And he was very keen on inviting me into the process from an early stage so we could form this together. On set Amir was fantastic in that he was always open to suggestions or changes but never jeopardised his vision.

    Valter, could you share your experience of collaborating with cinematographer Crile Forsberg once more? How did the partnership influence the visual storytelling both in front and behind the camera?
    Working with Crille again was amazing. We had such a good collaboration on our first project “Zebrarummet”. I even said to him back then, when I found out he knew Amir that he has to be part of this project. He would be perfect for it. And he was!
    The cinematography is a very big part of what makes the show great.
    The way the project is filmed makes it feel like you’re really back there in the 70s and 80s. It doesn’t feel like a modern project that takes place then. You get transported back and that to me was fantastic to witness as we went along.

    Hedda, working with Crille Forsberg on this extended project was a new experience for you. How did the collaboration between you and the photographer influence your portrayal of the character? Did the unique approach to filming enhance your performance in any way?
    Of Course the visuals are always important but when working on a period project like this it's extra important! And Crille really brought it up a notch. He even built his own lenses to get that perfect 70s feeling. As an actor it's so important to trust the photographer and I really do both professionally and privately. We were lucky to work with a team who were so very good at What they do, Crille and the costume department, the scenographers, makeup, they all helped to create something extra special. Spearheaded by our lovely director Amir Chamdin who knows that 70s visual cool style inside and out.

    Hedda, can you give us some insight into the emotional depth of Margitta Salming's character and how her journey is portrayed in the series?
    It was important to Amir to not make her too much of a cliche ”worried wife” character. She wants her beloved husband to be happy, and he loves to play hockey so she wants that for him. But then of course the cliches in a sport-drama are there for a reason. She IS lonely most of the time, she IS scared for Börjes life when he plays. Those things are inevitable. And she also loves to create so we get to follow her pursue her career as a designer. But that’s difficult, it's the seventies and someone has to take care of the kids, you know.

    Valter, Börje Salming is a legendary figure in Sweden and NHL history. How did you balance the responsibility of representing this iconic sports personality while bringing your own interpretation to the role?
    I tried to stay as true as I could without making it feel like an impersonation. I early on found my way of doing Börje who I had a very clear image of in my mind. So once we were filming it was basically automatic, because of the work we had put in before.

    Hedda, the series captures a significant period in Swedish hockey and sports history. What do you think the series can teach viewers about that era and its impact on the world of hockey?
    It's a time where the players were expected to fight. It was so rough! But to be honest I know nothing about hockey I just know this story haha. But Börje truly is a legend in the whole world and all legends change the game.

    Valter, as an actor, what were the most challenging and rewarding aspects of taking on the role of Börje Salming, a real-life sports hero?
    The most challenging by far was playing hockey. I had no idea how to skate before this! But it was of course also challenging to balance the mild nature of Börje with the toughness. But as I mentioned it was 2 years of preparation that got me ready for all of it.

    Hedda, could you share any memorable moments or scenes from the series that you found particularly powerful or moving as an actor?
    Yes, as I mentioned one of my favorite scenes is when she picks Börje up at the AirPort after he got hit with the skate in the face and had 400 stitches. She puts on her sunglasses to hide her tears so that he won't be put under more stress. That is so sweet, so caring. If you've seen the real photos of his face you would understand how difficult it would be to hide. After that follows the ending scene and I’m not gonna Spoil it too much but I will say that I was heavily influenced by the ending of ”The graduate” in how I chose to do the scene.

    Hedda, I also spotted a maple leaf tattoo on your underarm, could you share the story behind it?
    I have a few tattoos and all of them have been done at parties haha this one included. Don't try this at home kids. No but on a serious note. This project is extra special to me. We were stuck in Canada together for months and so we truly became a family. I love everyone on this project and so we decided to get matching tattoos. They were made with a stick and poke technique at a party by our makeup department after a few drinks. I was the guinea pig and did the first one.

    Valter, in what ways do you feel the series captures the essence of Börje Salming's legacy, both in the world of hockey and in the hearts of fans?
    We stayed very close to the true story of Börje so in my opinion it gives a great look into who he was during this time. And I think a lot of people will respect him even more after this. Knowing his story in detail just adds to the legend that everyone already knows he was.

    Valter, as a final question, what was the most memorable or personally impactful moment for you during the filming of “Börje - The Journey of a Legend”?
    It’s impossible for me to pick just one! There were so many. But getting to go down to Niagara Falls and walk along the bank, which is not open to the public, was literally a once in a lifetime experience.

    Hedda wears 
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    Earrings Ole Lynggaard
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    Valter wears

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    pyjama trousers CDLP

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    Hedda wears
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    Valter wears

    cardigan VANS
    pyjama shirt & socks CDLP
    trousers & shoes Oscar Jacobson

    Hedda wears
    total look CHANEL


    Valter wears

    pyjama shirt & socks CDLP
    trousers & shoes & jacket Oscar Jacobson

    Hedda wears

    knitted sweater ARKET

    earrings Ole Lynggaard
    bracelets Engelbert


    Valter wears

    bracelet Ole Lynggaard
    sweater Calvin Klein
    photography Crille Forsberg / Rockson
    fashion & text Jahwanna Berglund
    makeup & hair Jessica de la Torre
    color edit Samir Alaoui / Desolo Studios
    photography assistant Mika Forsberg
  • Aveny's Riviera-Inspired Collection: Elevating Everyday Elegance in Sustainable Style

    Written by Alicia Hurst by Fashion Tales

    Fresh from their family retreat in the South of France, Aveny presents a collection inspired by the laid back chic of the Riviera. Their 100% organic crochet pieces embody comfort and style, sourced responsibly with BCI or GOTS certified cotton from their trusted Istanbul producer.
    Driven by a commitment to a sustainable future, they're blending fashion with responsibility. Life at Aveny is about simplicity and joy, reflected in their easy-going shapes and materials. As they mature into next season, expect more knitwear, comfortable suits, and dresses that embrace the balance of fun and sophistication.
    In an increasingly digital world, they value in-person connections. Aveny stores are hubs of personality, adding depth and perspective to your shopping experience. Beyond aesthetics, their creations aim to be not just beautiful but also meaningful to those who wear them.

    The inspiration behind your designs often comes from trips you've been on, tell us about your most recent trip and how that inspired your latest collection?
    Our latest trip went to the south of France where we rented a house for the family. These laid back lazy days inspired us for this collection. The French know how to look suited in a very comfortable way. We felt that we wanted to be more dressed up in our way of approaching our daily life. We looked back to the 60/70 riviera jetset and developed a 100% organic croche

    How does Aveny approach sustainability and ethical practices in its production process?
    We carefully source our fabrics and textiles together with our producer in Istanbul. We work closely with the factory and we use only BCI or GOTS certified cotton. There are both ethical and practical reasons for us to commit and source for eco-friendly materials and fabrics when we develop our products.First and foremost is the reality that we only have one planet, and we all share it. We know that the fashion industry has a huge impact on the planet, and that impact affects all of us.We feel it’s important to take responsibility for the future. We constantly seek for development and we are upgrading our sustainable and environment friendly programs along our journey.

    Aveny's clothing often balances style and comfort seamlessly. How important is it to the brand that its customers can enjoy fashion that is both multi-wear and cozy, and what is your philosophy around creating pieces that don't sacrifice one for the other?
    The whole idea behind AVENY is this balance. We believe that if you feel comfortable you feel good and if you feel good you look good. As simple as that. We feel that life can be complicated as it is so why make it harder.

    What are some of the upcoming trends or collections that Aveny is excited to share with its customers?
    We love to explore and develop new easy going shapes in different materials. For the next collection we are looking into developing more knitwear, we dress up in comfy suits and dresses.You can say that Aveny is growing up to an adult who still likes to have some fun and not be too serious for next season.

    How does Aveny engage with its community of customers and fans, and what role do they play in shaping the brand's direction?
    We engage a lot physically through our own stores. We believe that in this digital world the IRL meetings are super important. We believe that personality gives identity and character, personality gives perspective, and when we embody new influences, we are enriched with a greater life. In AVENY we try to create something that just isn't esthetically beautiful but also meaningful to someone.