AVAVAV collaborates with Add to Bag founders

Written by Fashion Tales

On Tuesday 27th of November AVAVAV released a collection in collaboration with Viola Bergström and Fanny Ekstrand, founders of Swedish fashion podcast Add to bag. As both parts had been aware of each other a longer period of time – they got a phone call one day from Adam Friberg, founder of AVAVAV who wanted to collaborate in some way without really knowing how or in what way.

We put our great minds to work, and after a while we started to work on a mood board, and somehow the idea of a collection was born. We went to Florence and AVAVAV HQ to sketch and look for fabrics together with Linda Friberg, Creative Director at AVAVAV. The result was a collection of 5 pieces and 1 accessory” says Fanny Ekstrand, one half of the Add to bag-duo.

The collection is naturally produced with AVAVAV’s core idea to excess leftover fabrics from all the beautiful material that are being produced in Florence to the world’s leading fashion brands, and from these make use of and create smaller, exclusive collections with minimal impact on the environment.

It feels like the perfect match working with AVAVAV since we both try to combine fashion with sustainability. The main idea is simply based on pieces we use the most, with every item being a statement piece. They are easy to dress up and down, as well combined with each other in unexpected ways which give them both a longer and a more exciting life” says Viola Bergström.

In conjunction with the launch, Add to bag will release a podcast episode about the creating process, where the listeners are taken on the journey from idea to actual first pieces, to understand the process of how a garment is made.



AVAVAV are based in Florence, in the heart of Italy’s centruries-old tradition of textile manufacturing to the world’s leading fashion brands. AV takes care of the overflow of many beautiful fabrics and create small, exclusive collections with weekly releases, all by production with minimal environmental impact and at a very attractive price level. Just over a year old AVAVAV have been named one of Italy’s most promising start ups. The company is run by Linda and Adam Friberg, two of the founders of well-known brands Cheap Monday, Weekday and Monki. Clothing, shoes and accessories are sold online and in the store at Smålandsgatan in Stockholm, which runs as PR office, showroom and e-commerce.