Today Artipelag opened and it was something out of the ordinary I must say. There were busses from the city out to Värmdö, and when you got there this really huge, beautiful building out of this wonderful wooden beams and big glass windows appeared. The surroundings is also amazing, located in the woods by the water, and even this little trail that you could take out to the rocks if you would want to go for a swim.

As I mentioned before they specialize in mixing art from different periods and style. It was unusual to se a Carl Fredrik Hill painting next to something as contemporary as Andreas Erikssons mole piles in bronze. New and sometimes very exiting relationships between the art. The theme of the exhibition was place specificity, ” The place of the soul” as it was called. Not a very exiting theme I think, but relevant to the unique location of the museum and a theme that easily can be transferred on to different kinds of art. My favorite was Astrid Svangrens abstract sculptures in fabric, which besides being stunningly beautiful really created an interesting movement in the gallery space. David Svensson´s light and glass installation was also interesting- a city made out of old lampshades in glass. Mikael Olsson´s photographs was another favorite, where he had photographed a home (Bruno Mathsson´s Södrakull) through white curtains, feeling like an outsider looking in.

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Love, Ellen Björkman